Business Studies (PDF)

November 10, 2018
Here are they key features of

There is no training requirement of GCE company Studies.

But pupils must complete four examinations: two at like as well as 2 at A2.
The exams are described in more detail in the table below:

Product Evaluation Format Duration % Assessment Weighting Access

AS 1: The Competitive Company

Students must answer two compulsory, structured questions considering stimulus product.

60 minutes 30 minutes

50per cent of AS 25% of A Level


AS 2: Handling Business Sources

A2 1: Making Company Choices

Pupils must answer one compulsory, structured question predicated on stimulation product.

2 hours

25per cent of An Even

A2 2: The Changing Business Environment

Students tend to be presented with an unseen case study and must produce a company report as a result to it. Through their company report, pupils must:

  • analyse problems;
  • examine research;
  • make proposals for solutions; and
  • justify reasons for their particular proposal.
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