Georgetown Executive Education

June 28, 2015
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Jefferson MemorialGeorgetown University Law Center’s Executive Education system seeks to fill the gap between traditional legal training and the realities of practice of legislation in an organizational environment. Our programs supply resources to exercising lawyers and those who lead all of them by delivering trained in abilities not typically taught in-law schools, including management, teamwork, strategic preparation and efficient administration. At exactly the same time, because we're a law college, our company is sensitive to attorneys’ desire to satisfy their professional responsibilities as they get and make use of these crucial company tools.

You can expect both public programs that exist on an open-enrollment basis as well as customized programs that people develop in partnership with customer businesses. Our programs are created to:

  • Offer individuals with practical abilities in addition to theoretical frameworks for dealing with specific administration and management difficulties
  • Establish an on-going relationship with program individuals to give you them with continuing resources for enhancing their own effectiveness as effective professionals and business frontrunners.
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