GCSE Business Studies notes

May 27, 2022
Economic growth is not

a barber together with clientThis Revision chew will allow you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of operating as a single trader and a partnership.

Barber's shops usually run as sole traders

A sole investor describes any company that's had and managed by one person, although they may use employees, eg a newsagent's store. People who provide a specialist service like hairdressers, plumbing technicians or professional photographers, are also only dealers. Single traders don't have another appropriate presence from their owner. Thus, the proprietors tend to be yourself liable the company's debts, that can need to pay all of them from their very own pocket. That is called [infinite liability: Owners tend to be directly liable for all debts. ].


  1. The companies usually are little, and easy to setup.
  2. Generally, just handful of should be spent, which reduces the first start up cost.
  3. The wage costs will most likely be reduced, since there a couple of or no employees.
  4. It's better to keep overall control, due to the fact owner has actually a [Hands-on: Direct day-to-day participation inside work of the company. ] way of operating the business and can make decisions without consulting anyone else.


  1. The only trader has no one to share the responsibility of running the company with. A great hairdresser, for instance, might not be great at dealing with the records.
  2. Only traders usually work extended hours and locate challenging to take vacations, or time down if they're sick.
  3. Building the business enterprise normally restricted to the amount of money personally offered.
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