AQA GCSE Business Studies specification

August 6, 2018

AQA understands different needs of every company Studies training course by doing work in cooperation with teachers. Our Company Studies GCSEs:

  • enable students to realize their particular full potential
  • include interesting content
  • are workable for schools and colleges
  • tend to be suitable for students of all of the degrees of capability
  • trigger accurate results, delivered promptly
  • tend to be inexpensive and value for money.

Knowledge/skills attained:

GCSE Business Subjects and Economics will motivate pupils to:

  • engage in the research of Business and Economics to build up as effective and separate students
  • make use of a crucial method of distinguish between fact and viewpoint, develop arguments while making informed judgements
  • develop thereby applying knowledge, understanding and skills to modern dilemmas in regional, nationwide and international contexts
  • appreciate the range of perspectives various stakeholders in relation to business and economic tasks
  • look at the degree to which company and economic activity could be honest and renewable
  • recall, select and communicate their particular knowledge and understanding of concepts, problems and language
  • apply skills, understanding and understanding in many different contexts plus planning and performing investigations and jobs
  • analyse and examine evidence, make reasoned judgements and present proper conclusions.

AQA provides a thorough number of help services for instructors including:

  • usage of subject departments
  • instruction for teachers including practical teaching strategies and approaches that really work – provided by senior examiners
  • help for controlled assessment
  • 24-hour assistance through our internet site
  • previous reports and level systems
  • imprinted and electronic resources for educators and pupils.

Support for teaching

AQA runs a thorough programme of assistance meetings. These conferences explain the requirements and suggest practical teaching techniques and methods that work.

We're additionally dedicated to providing a competent and effective solution and we also are at the termination of the phone when you really need to speak to some one about an essential concern. Our customer support group can be acquired between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday on 01483 477 863.

AQA appoints managed evaluation advisers to aid teachers with any matters concerning the managed assessment devices. Kindly call us the details of your adviser.

AQA GCSE Business Studies: Textbook [Read] Online
AQA GCSE Business Studies: Textbook [Read] Online
AQA GCSE Business Studies [Read] Online
AQA GCSE Business Studies [Read] Online
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