Kennedy School Executive Education

September 5, 2022
Welcome to Harvard Kennedy

The Executive Education Program at Harvard Kennedy class includes experienced experts, a world-class faculty and a dynamic curriculum to handle probably the most perplexing issues in governance and leadership today. CID-affiliated Faculty play a vital role during these programs by disseminating their particular study results thus revealing frontrunners to cutting-edge solutions to several of the most challenging development problems.

Under is a summary of courses which can be led by CID-affiliated faculty:

Faculty: Calestous Juma
Know-how is important for cultivating financial development, boosting global competition, and protecting the environmental surroundings. This Executive Education system provides high-level frontrunners from government, academia, business, and municipal society with a unique chance to learn to harness the effectiveness of growing technologies to advertise success. This system outlines methods and measures needed seriously to align technical styles with development plan targets, emphasizing simple tips to design and apply innovation guidelines for financial development.

Faculty: Dan Levy
Managers of personal programs tend to be under increasing stress to deliver evidence about the effectiveness of their programs, exactly what constitutes reliable and good evidence of effectiveness? Just how should a company generate research concerning the effectiveness of personal programs? Exactly what information should organizations collect, and how should supervisors utilize that information? How exactly does one assess thereby applying research that other people have actually produced by what works? Answering these concerns can help supervisors lead their companies to design and apply more efficient social programs. This Executive knowledge system covers the challenges that managers face in identifying useful techniques for assessing and improving social program effectiveness.

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