University of Minnesota Executive Education

September 13, 2022
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Supplying non-degree programs to improve the abilities and self-confidence of an individual as well as the organizations they offer.

In operation, understanding is power. The University of St. Thomas Executive Education programs will give you an aggressive advantage with useful, real-world courses to boost your skills and challenge your mind. Explore our several choices to carry current understanding back to your organization and optimize your management potential!

Personalized Programs

Executive knowledge designs and delivers tailored educational solutions for your workers that improve business performance, results and success.

Get Going Today

Work with united states to build up a personalized system for the organization.

Whether you start with a blank record or with our open registration programs as helpful tips, we shall work with that produce a tailored discovering experience. Custom programs are manufactured to a target specific difficulties, target social norms and foster a common language within your company.

Physician Leadership University

“It’s challenging imagine that studying management could be harder than a board analysis program. It’s in addition challenging suppose the UST PLC could possibly be therefore essential to doctor leaders, however it is real.”

– Michael Van Scoy, MD Medical Director, Payor Technique and Care Management, Essentia Health

Custom Programs

“We know that inside our partnership with all the University of St. Thomas we’re generating an exec development experience that drive improvement in our company.”

– Mary Morand, Senior vice-president, Learning & Development and Talent control, US Bank

Physician Leadership Symposium 2016

William E. Petersen Endowment Lecture Series

Keynote presenter processor chip Heath, author and teacher at Stanford Graduate School of company. Don’t neglect this excellent opportunity to hear among today’s well business and behavioral thinkers.

Featured Plan - Leadership and Management

Develop practical abilities for these days's management priorities, including psychological cleverness, personal awareness, strategic reasoning, and career preparation.

  • Mini MBA Program
    “until you're resigned, or have a diploma in almost every area, you need to simply take this course.”
    – Sue H., Marketing Professional
  • Mini Master of Marketing Management
    “It is a superb possibility to study from people who understand what they are doing and they are successful carrying it out.”
    – Phillip Yang, Director of Marketing
  • Certified Expert Project Manager System
    “Lessons in the class room mirrored objectives of an employer, lectures were open conversations, and there clearly was perhaps not just about every day I did not feel challenged.”
    – Benjamin Brasket
Have you been a St. Thomas alumnus?

All St. Thomas alumni of degree programs receive 15percent off Executive Education available registration programs. To obtain the discount, just enter your graduation 12 months and major of study on once you enroll. When you have any queries feel free to give us a call at (651) 962-4600.

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