Sauder Executive Education

August 26, 2022
Sauder Executive Education

The Sauder School of company in the University of British Columbia is Canada's leading educational business college, maintaining a global track record of quality in analysis and learning, and unparalleled worldwide partnerships. The faculty features above 2, 700 pupils in Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs, and boasts over 34, 000 alumni in 77 countries.

Located in Vancouver, rated by the Economist Intelligent Unit whilst the planet's top city in its global liveability rankings, the school draws from the internationalism of town and its own Pacific Rim setting to provide an unrivalled international company viewpoint.

The college is situated into the heart associated with the dazzling UBC university, house to woodland, ocean and hill vistas. An additional campus, Robson Square, is situated in one's heart of Vancouver's bustling downtown peninsula.

The business college ended up being rebranded the Sauder class of Business in 2003 in recognition for the help and generosity of William Sauder, BCom 1948, Chancellor Emeritus of UBC and former Chairman of Interfor.


Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance, Social Responsibility, Innovation, Leadership, Accounting, Company and Public Policy, Health Care Systems, Business Ethics, Control, Operations and Ideas Control, Real Estate, Executive Knowledge

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Sauder Executive Office Desks
Sauder Executive Office Desks
Inside Sauder Executive Education: 4 Ways to Become More
Inside Sauder Executive Education: 4 Ways to Become More ...
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