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October 23, 2012
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Logo Design Studies“Do I really need a logo for my small company? I’m just starting out.”

That’s a concern we get a great deal.

And even though getting a custom logo might not be the first thing you are doing when setting up, you should definitely accomplish it early.

The Reason Why?

Once you have a well-designed logo design and so are utilizing it regularly, your logo design helps shape exactly what your consumers consider your business. It's going to remind them of the good communications they’ve had to you (those interactions are positive, correct?) and it may even cause them to become believe and act differently when they notice it.

Right-about today you’re most likely asking, “how is that feasible?”

Research carried out by Juliano Laran and Amy Dalton unearthed that logos and brand names have a “priming” influence on consumers whom see them. The consequence occurs even though consumers aren’t alert to having seen the logos. Put differently, just exposure towards the logo design effected on the way consumers behaved. Here’s how the Financial occasions described it:

“The individuals had been confronted with companies and slogans which were either spend-related or save-related then, in an ostensibly unrelated task, participants were asked simply how much they would be willing to expend on a shopping trip. Those subjected to spend-related companies stated they would spend more… Save-related brands made folks invest less…”

Interestingly, whenever shown brand name slogans in place of logos, the consequence had been corrected. This is certainly, consumers knew these were becoming marketed to, so they reacted by doing the opposite. But logos don’t have this affect. Logos feel similar to background art, despite the fact that they could transform consumer perceptions.

even more custom logo StudiesThese results act like a research conducted by Fitzsimons and Chartrand which looked at whether seeing a logo would change the means folks behaved in non-consumer jobs.

Customers were shown an Apple logo (Apple is well known as a “creative” brand and their particular motto during the time was “Think various.”) or these people were shown an IBM logo design (IBM had been better known during the time as a safe, standard and non-creative choice), chances are they had been expected to complete a standard creativity test. Individuals who had seen the Apple logo design performed better on test.

A second test ended up being carried out where customers were shown either a Disney logo or an E! Entertainment logo, after that provided a standard test that measured honesty. People who saw the Disney logo design performed better on test.

So how seeking these details?

As the logo comes to express your organization and also the tips your business signifies, it may act as a short-hand and help clients work in a specific means. But you must use your logo regularly so your customers come to recognize it if they view it.

That knows? Someday a team of academics may study your logo additionally the good affects it offers in your clients. While they do, we’ll be truth be told there to create about this.

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