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May 9, 2023
Kettering University - Online

This 12-month accelerated system is comprised of 36-credit-hours of training. Each semester is broken-down into 8-week sessions. Students take two courses per session. Cohorts begin every Fall semester.

Customer Review in Emerging Areas
This course examines foundational consumer behavior ideas, how culture forms customer behavior, as well as the cross-cultural variations in customer behavior in specific emerging areas that present important online marketing strategy opportunities.

International Financial Strategy FIN 6644
This course covers areas of strategic monetary environment and handling of firms that run in a global arena; to include current developments in economic method, worldwide trade and financial decision-making.

Accounting for Supervisors ACG 6026
Presentation of nature, strategies and uses of bookkeeping through the point of view of individuals who handle companies and opportunities in organizations. Covers both financial and management accounting.

Overseas Business Law BUL 6850
This program analyzes the appropriate environment and dilemmas dealing with international company and international corporations. Subjects consist of worldwide regulating establishments and the framework of international trade and investment law.

International Company Policy MAN 6635
an evaluation of business strategies—including forecasting, preparation and contingency strategies—in a rapidly building and switching world environment. The course is taught by the case method and stresses the environmental and institutional limitations on decision-making inside the business.

Overseas Advertising
This course presents an analysis and application of principle and issue solving for advertising and marketing management within the international environment, with focus on the role of advertising when you look at the multinational business.

Handling International Production and Technology guy 6617
This course explores the management of technology and its relationship into the dynamics of globalisation in manufacturing in production and service industries, with specific concentrate on the management of worldwide supply chains.

Master’s Project in Global Company guy 6679
Students are assigned to a company or non-profit organization that shows a current strategic or working issue that they are facing. Employed in groups, under the direction of a faculty user, pupils research the issue, assess the data gotten, and present guidelines to management.

The Global Company Environment guy 6606
This program covers environmentally friendly variables that impact the conduct of company across boundaries, including financial and socio-political factors. Students are introduced towards major worldwide and local establishments that regulate trade and finance.

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Master of International Business Brochure
Master of International Business Brochure
Master of International Business - Global (MIB Global
Master of International Business - Global (MIB Global ...
Master of International Business - Excursion to Brazil 2014
Master of International Business - Excursion to Brazil 2014
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