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September 1, 2018
Cebu Technological University

Orientation Residency

4-day residency which will give attention to doctoral objectives, system design, and neighborhood building. Pass/Fail. (1 device)

Semester Program Area Dates Place Times Time Instructor

Spring 2016



8:00 -
5:00 PM
Ahumada, Elaine
DPA705 BE 8:00 -
5:00 PM

Leadership in public places Sector

This workshop will analyze particular subjects including yet not limited to the main focus how the first choice?s values and philosophy impact financial and financial problems in public sector businesses, collective negotiating, outsourcing, exclusive industry partnering, diversity administration leadership, social networking and media. (3 products)

DPA710 AE N/A Kling, Mark P.

Ethics and Social Justice

Inside training course, pupils study the viewpoint of ethics whilst pertains to problems of personal justice and interactions between ethical and ethical practices and efficient leadership. Concepts of financial disparity, energy, and privilege and ethical issues are going to be explored. Attention is focused on responsibility in management and greatest practices that result in reasonable and fair treatment of staff members and service delivery in diverse communities. Present occasions will likely to be examined plus a variety of ethical dilemmas that you can get in communities and organizations combined with the research of key factors in decision making and honest concepts. (3 devices)


Strategic Preparing and Control

Strategic Thinking and Control

This course gift suggestions innovative concepts of strategic planning concerning a business's goal, and vision for organizational durability. Pupils will discover practical skills of recommendations had a need to develop strategic plans that target key areas of resource allocation, execution, collaboration, and cost management. (3 devices)

Summer Time 2016

DPA725 AE Staff

Efficiency Control and Evaluation

This program introduces pupils to general public sector performance dimension. Benchmarking within strategic management axioms is discussed. Give attention to how changes in an organizational climate and tradition affect functional methods also just how internal/external politics of program preparation is dealt with. Examples of methodologies utilized in relation to federal government system preparation and evaluation tend to be explored. (3 products)


Collaboration and Networked Governance

This program examines introduces the ideas and methods of handling sites. Theories, analytical abilities, and operations of designing, establishing, sustaining, evaluating, companies would be addressed. Concepts of effective and difficult collaboration attempts among community, private, and nonprofit organizations will likely be investigated. Integration of financial aspects will be included since it pertains to service delivery. (3 units)

Fall 2016


Public Plan, Advocacy, and Business Economics

This program will explore styles, faculties, imperatives, and effects of public-policy generating. Discussion includes exactly how worldwide economies affect the governmental weather and how representation of effective stars, PACS, and establishments tend to be representative facets of collective activity, electoral processes, fiscal policy, bureaucracy, legislation and constitutional reforms. (3 products)


Pro Residency

Doctoral students have to go to this expert residency. The main focus with this residency is always to develop professional skills and retrospectively review the very first 12 months procedure also next actions for scholarship. Residency may coincide and require attendance at a public management centered seminar. (1 product)

Spring 2017


Legitimate Bureaucracy and Accountability

This program examines the political role of this bureaucracy additionally the influence of various other federal government institutions on bureaucratic structure, functions, and behavior. Problems associated with get across cultural dynamics, ethical and accountable management, as well as the influence of politics in public areas organizational life is examined. Principles about constituent representation, legislative procedures, and voting trends/behaviors tend to be of importance in just how these aspects affect public industry companies. (3 devices)


Qualitative Reasoning and Evaluation

The objective of this program should introduce the field of qualitative analysis and planning for public administration doctoral students. This course addresses simple tips to use higher level, qualitative study principles, and data collection and analysis practices. (3 products)

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[PDF Download] Handbook of Public Administration [Read] Online
[PDF Download] Handbook of Public Administration [Read] Online
Welcome to the Online Master of Public Administration
Welcome to the Online Master of Public Administration ...
Online Master of Public Administration | Ashford University
Online Master of Public Administration | Ashford University
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