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October 21, 2018
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Some company schools offer Masters in Management (MIM) although some provide Masters in operation (MIB). Are these programs equivalent? Do the levels have the same recognition?

Masters in management generally (MIM) vs. Masters operating (MIB): in most cases no difference

Overall, business schools are able to identify their programs while they desire - some may proceed with the general trend and name their particular programs "Master in management generally" since this term gets to be more and much more preferred. Other individuals may make an effort to separate themselves slightly by calling their programs "Master operating", "Master operating management", or something similar. Generally, the only variations that you can get between these programs would be the school-specific differences that always occur whenever several institution provides the exact same level.

Researching a Master in general management at two different schools

If you contrast, like, a Master's in Management system at two various schools, there are some differences in the classes, the structure, and also the organizations that come to campus. But these programs tend to be simply the exact same - they are postgraduate programs in general management for graduates without work experience.

Evaluating a Master operating at one college with a Master in Management at another college

If you compare a Master in operation at one college with a Master in general management at another college there are comparable distinctions - but basically both system kinds are NOT SPECIALIZED Masters like Master in Marketing or perhaps the Master in provide Chain control. The MIM additionally the MIB are general administration or company programs that offer a synopsis of managerial functions and dilemmas.

Masters in Global control (MIM) and Masters in International Business (MIB)

Some schools offer Masters in International Management and abbreviate them with "MIM" - and provide Masters of International company and abbreviate them with "MIB". Here again these programs don't change from one another basically. But when compared with Masters in general management and Masters running a business, they emphasize a worldwide perspective and most likely have programs in intercontinental management, certain areas, or international company law.

WITH THAT SAID, there could be some variations...

When you look at the worldwide MIM study 2013 (posted in September 2013), we asked participating schools relating to this subject. The majority sometimes offer a Master in general management or a Master running a business - not both. Should they do offer both, these programs usually align title to clarify in which some variations lie.

Master in General Management and Master in European company

a college, as an example, may offer a Master in Management and a Master in European company. In that case, the second obviously has a particular focus on Europe or European company that general MIM won't have.

Master in General Management and MIB

Additionally, schools usually offer a Master in general management and an MIB. once more, the name of this program tends to make this huge difference clear since the Master in management generally won't have an explicit thematic focus, whereas the Master of International company has many extra courses on worldwide company topics if not study trips to countries with interesting markets.

MIM, MIB, and MBA - a concern of institutional acceptance

It would likely help better understand why selection of level names in the event that you differentiate MIMs and MIBs from MBAs. The Master of company Administration (MBA) is an institutionally founded degree. Everyone, at the very least men and women running a business and HR departments, knows what MBAs tend to be and probably has actually an impression with this form of program. HR managers at internationally running companies, for-instance, know that the MBA is a management level for professionals. Due to that, schools that develop a unique program in management for experts will likely will call it an MBA and make yes the look fulfills the requirements of an MBA.

Just the MBA is the official degree - MIM and MIB are just abbreviations used by schools

Regarding postgraduate degrees for graduates without professional knowledge, however, no degree is exclusively acknowledged just like the MBA because they are all acknowledged as postgraduate degrees. Consequently, schools tend to be free from any institutional stress and can call this sort of system whatever they want.

  • When HR supervisors note that a job candidate did a Master in management generally, a Master of Global company, or a Master in Finance, they remember that he/she performed a Master, they look at location, and additionally they look at college. They just do not, however, differentiate with regards to the level itself. Nevertheless, a growing trend suggests that the "MIM" acronym has become more and more established and could someday attain comparable global recognition to that of this MBA.

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Some schools only provide one kind of system. The Hult Overseas Business School, like, offers a Master of Science in Internat. Business no "Master in Management". The MIB at Hult fundamentally is a Master in management, with a concentration of give attention to worldwide company. A similar case is the Grenoble Business School.

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