Bachelor of Accounting Sydney

September 7, 2022
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All pupils at UTS pay university fees fees to add towards cost of their studies.

In 2016 all provides built to domestic undergraduate students is going to be for Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP), therefore the Australian federal government makes a considerable share towards price of your training, and you spend the balance through student efforts.

Extent you spend is based on your neighborhood of study plus the few credit things (cp) in which you enrol. At UTS 48 credit things is regarded as to-be one Equivalent regular research Load (EFTSL).

The table to the right shows extent a student can get to pay for twelve months of full time research (1.0 EFTSL).

Qualified students can choose to either defer payment of the charges through HECS-HELP, or pay up front to receive a 10% discount. Subject to the passage of legislation, the rebate applied to upfront payments can be eliminated.

You can easily calculate your pupil contribution as a share for the above.
e.g. If you're signed up for a 6 credit point Mathematics subject, your share could be 6/48 x , 917 = powerful, 114

Student contribution amounts for 2015 commencing pupils

Area of research and

student share


Student share

(per EFTSL or 48 cp)

Legislation, Accounting, Commerce, Economics, Management, Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Science
$10, 440
Mathematics, Statistics, Computing, Built Environment, Other Health, Allied Health, Engineering, Science, Surveying, Agriculture
$8, 917
Humanities, Behavioural Science, Personal Studies, Education, Clinical Mindset, International Languages, Visual and Performing Arts, Nursing
$6, 256

You can calculate your student contribution as a percentage associated with overhead.
e.g. If you are enrolled in a 6 credit point Mathematics subject, your share would-be 6/48 x , 917 = powerful, 114

Tuition fees for intercontinental students differ between programs and start around A$19, 840 to A$34, 080 per year.

University fees costs must be paid-in advance each semester and therefore are susceptible to annual enhance. Costs for future year(s) published in charges search, whilst not likely to change, are estimates only. UTS tends to make every work to supply up to date future year(s) charge quotes and also to limit any changes, however, UTS reserves the right to vary charges for future year(s) at any time.

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Study Accounting Sydney, Curtin Sydney, Bachelor, Master ...
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