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August 30, 2022
Bee Business Bee Critical Path

Device 4 – the business enterprise Environment and handling Change (BUSS4)

Following elimination of the January evaluation show, it is currently feasible that educators might elect to provide BUSS3 and BUSS4 in parallel throughout the scholastic 12 months. In response to needs from teachers and in purchase to assist in your preparation, the pre-released study motif BUSS4/PM for June 2014 evaluation would be posted on e-AQA on 1 September 2013, and 1 September in following years.

BUSS4 Preliminary Information

All preliminary material will appear on e-AQA under Secure Key Materials (SKM) on 1 September yearly.

These products are no longer submitted difficult content unless instructors specifically request all of them from AQA. All these materials will additionally be available on business Subjects webpage within the relevant topic area.

Access plans

Reasonable corrections are designed for disabled students so that you can allow all of them to get into the assessments. As an example, we could produce a Braille report for a student with a visual impairment. For this reason, hardly any pupils need a total barrier to any part of the assessment. Arrangements must be made before the examination.

Students who will be still incapable of access a substantial the main evaluation, even after checking out all possibilities through reasonable adjustments, may nevertheless be capable get a honor. They would be given a grade on parts of the evaluation they usually have taken and there would be a sign on their certification that not all the the competences have been dealt with. This will be held under analysis and might be amended as time goes by.

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