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February 16, 2022

Please get a hold of below links to a variety sources on Case Process training sources and student-focused resources on mastering by the Case Method.


Christensen, C., Garvin, D., and Sweet, A. (1991). Education for Judgment: The Artistry of Discussion Leadership. Boston MA, Harvard Business Class Press.

Barnes, L.B., Christensen, C.R., and Hansen, A., (1994) Teaching in addition to instance Process (third Ed). Boston MA, Harvard Company Class Press.
Note that is a book of instances used in the development of Case Teachers

Bruner, R.F., (2003) Socrates' Muse: Reflections on Effective Case Discussion Management. Nyc NY, McGraw-Hill/Irwin.


Garvin, D. A. "Making the Case." Harvard Magazine, September-October 2003, Volume 106, Number 1. (purchase from HBSP)

Garvin, D. A. "Teaching Executives and training MBAs: Reflections on Case Method." Academy of control Learning & knowledge 6, # 3 (September 2007).

Quick Components

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Provides practical advice along with bigger-picture philosophies. Shows key abilities including making clear targets, questioning and hearing, and board work.

B. Shapiro (585-012) 5 pages, © 1984, rev. 1985.

Directed toward students; valuable for teachers besides. Quickly describes the process of case writing, the typical nature of instances, while the advantageous assets to students of discovering because of the case technique. An approach to studying an incident, separately or as a group user, for class conversation is outlined. Additionally summarizes the essential qualities of an instance conversation.

Corey (376-240) 4 pages, © 1976, rev. 1996.

Compares four different approaches to case training: lecturing, theorizing, illustrating, and choreographing a case. Argues the advantages of the "choreography" technique through the standpoint of students' discovering. Concludes with a description of that technique and some tips about how to make use of it.

Rangan (595-074) 6 pages, © 1995, rev. 1996.

This evaluation of an MBA class room discussion shows the significance of challenging "theories-in-use" and building persuasive techniques for pupils also teachers and managers, and recommends approaches for more reflective learning.

Spear (602-146) 6 pages, © 2002.

A thoughtful and perceptive article on the value of the truth technique in establishing constructive, independent thought through participation, development, and open change. Stresses the necessity of the instructor as discussion leader, and highlights the challenges and benefits that students encounter because they shift from lecture-based undergraduate studies to discussion-based discovering.

Gragg (451-005) 7 pages, © 1940, rev. 1982.

Mastering by the Case Method

Resources for pupils

Ellet, W., (2007) the outcome learn Handbook: Simple tips to Review, Discuss, and Write Persuasively About situations. Boston MA, Harvard Business Review Press.

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harvard business school teaching case polysar ltd.
harvard business school teaching case polysar ltd.
Interactive Workshop with Harvard Business School Case
Interactive Workshop with Harvard Business School Case ...
Expatriate case study from Harvard business school
Expatriate case study from Harvard business school
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