Best Schools for Masters in Accounting

November 2, 2019
Bentley University

This is basically the very first post from our brand-new contributor, Dr. Emelee, a former Big 4 worker who's in procedure of obtaining his PhD.

So you should be a professor? Teaching appears like it could be fun (it's), you see that some teachers are only on university two days per week (they've been), and also you’ve heard that professors receive money really (they do). Exactly what is most likely the down side to this?

When I started to think about the PhD, I made a decision the wise move is always to talk to current teachers to see what I happened to be getting myself into. The responses I got from their website were cryptic, condescending, useless, or a mix of all three.

They would say such things as, “The PhD is really about study.” rather than sophisticated much. Once I was happy they might say something similar to, “The PhD is truly about study. It’s not about training, ” and, of course, maybe not sophisticated a great deal. Amazing that folks whom receives a commission to describe things for an income are so useless at informing would-be newcomers what they’re engaging in.

Allow me to break down each of those statements for you personally centered on the things I today understand, you start with...

“The PhD is actually about research.” - This statement appears not so difficult. Here’s what it really indicates: A PhD in accounting features almost nothing to do with accounting. There aren't any log entries. There are not any T-accounts. There aren’t also any monetary statements, applications of GAAP, finding out how much it costs to produce some thing, or exactly how much a corporation owes in fees. The classes PhD students simply take look nothing at all like undergrad or masters accounting programs, and skills you honed as a bachelor or masters student won’t allow you to much in an accounting PhD system. Most of the knowledge you need to really show accounting you picked up as an undergrad or master’s pupil.

It’s true that you do have to have some knowledge of just how accounting works, but accounting specific knowledge usually takes a back-seat. Weird, right? But don't fret, i am going to talk about this in more detail during my next post.

So what is analysis? Positivist analysis - the most important paradigm in leading bookkeeping scholastic journals today - is stepping out from single-company view of how exactly to account for something and utilizing the clinical way to look at just how sets of individuals or how economic areas respond to accounting choices or incentives or regulating modifications.

How do you do that?

You do it with a mix of items that many people with bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in accounting actually don’t have that much of- statistics, mathematics, business economics, and econometrics.

Statistics, mathematics, economics and what?? What was that last one?

Econometrics. Think about it as data on steroids. Econometrics applies statistics to economic data which often violates the hell off most of the distributional assumptions regular data derive from. Sounds enjoyable, right? You will also be investing sufficient time working together with a statistical program of some sort - PASW, SAS, MATLAB, R, or Stata. For just one big branch of accounting research (archival), you may actually have to show yourself into an excellent programmer capable of working with messy datasets.

When the professor told you the PhD is about analysis, they should said something like this:

The PhD is dependant on analysis. Scientific studies are predicated on psychological or economic principle and data. Statistics are based on math. You need to be comfortable taking two years of graduate level econometrics, statistics, and math if you want to do a PhD in bookkeeping. And by the way, i really hope you have currently taken Calculus I (and never business college “calculus” that most undergrad degrees require. You will need the calculus the engineering and physics undergrads just take), Calculus II, Calculus III, and Linear Algebra as you will need to be great at all of those topics just before even step foot into a doctoral system. Whenever you can learn how to plan and make use of relational databases before you sign up for a PhD system, which will in addition help. Eventually, scientific studies are more than simply figures and evaluation. You have to be good publisher in order to demonstrably communicate the reason why the investigation you are doing is essential, what you found, and just why it matters.

Having said all that, the PhD is truly about data, mathematics, economics, econometrics, psychology, programming, finance principle, reading tons of documents in academic journals, and oh yeah, writing. Natural accounting may be the backdrop for all of the, nonetheless it’s often another idea.

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