Masters Program in Economics

April 28, 2020
Meet our Economics students

In Fall 2015 the Department of Economics launched a Master of Arts level system in Economics.

The Master of Arts system in Economics is designed for pupils who would like to enhance their understanding of economic theory and its applications. The M.A. program provides a technical and thorough way of the study of financial concept while offering students enough mobility to just take industry electives in division being tailor their programs of research for their expert targets.

The M.A. system is ideal for any person shopping for a program which specializes in advanced level used financial analysis. The program offers an excellent chance for:

  • Pupils searching for a quantitative degree with a focus in applied econometrics or financial modeling being prepare on their own to your workplace in a variety of jobs that require the capability to carry out applied economic research.
  • Pupils with an interdisciplinary curiosity about law, public policy, ecological science, political research, demography or numerous location researches.
  • Mid-career professionals employed in banking institutions, government, and think tanks across the world.

Graduates of M.A. program may have the various tools to conduct applied financial analysis and a sound planning for progression to doctoral study. Especially, upon successful conclusion of the program students will be able:

  • To just take a rigorous, quantitative method of financial problems
  • To construct and test financial models, using sophisticated business economics resources
  • To advance expertly and contend for well-paying tasks across an easy spectral range of industries and sectors
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