Masters Degrees in Economics

August 15, 2022
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The postgraduate pupils within masters degree tend to be obliged to report the outcomes of the researches (seminar documents, etc.) in a written kind, into the specified/agreed structure, concisely, clearly as well as in complete. Being facilitate the mastering of the abilities and strategies of a written and dental presentation of outcomes of research/paper, unique instruction are going to be offered... [+]

Masters in Economics. The total number of training hours can be as employs: First semester 145 Second semester 145 Third semester 155 4th semester 130 Total 575 training includes below: 1. ex-cathedra lectures – 40percent of total teaching 2. Discussions relating to the topics of teaching – 20per cent of complete teaching 3. Case studies – 15% of complete teaching 4. Giving an account associated with the development and link between study for the students, including an organization discussion – 25per cent of complete training. The postgraduate pupils during the masters level tend to be obliged to report the outcome of their researches (seminar papers, etc.) in a written form, into the specified/agreed structure, concisely, clearly and in full. To facilitate the mastering regarding the abilities and practices of a written and dental presentation associated with the link between research/paper, unique instruction are supplied. The corporation of Studies The masters studies tend to be organized in a way concerning guarantee (a) top-quality training, (b) full mastering of the latest understanding, (c) development of the ability to use the obtained understanding and (d) improvement the motives and capacity to find out through application associated with the obtained understanding and to get new one upon completion of these researches. So that you can attain these training aims, plus cost-effective usage of all sources, postgraduate scientific studies are conducted in line with the following organizational axioms: 1. Students shall fulfill all entry needs completely. 2. Teachers shall satisfy the modern-day study and training requirements entirely. 3. The attendance of classes will probably be compulsory; an energetic participation within the teaching process will probably be needed and encouraged. 4. All responsibilities associated with teaching staff and students within the range of the studies will be discharged in a timely, creative, top-notch and cooperative fashion. 5. before the start of every semester, all required literature for learning the articles of training within the appropriate semester will be supplied. During teaching days, the pupils shall have access to the world wide web. 6. All administrative work and services from the training procedure shall be done on time plus a reliable, top-notch and engaging way. Total instruction is provided in four training days in each semester...

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Master Theif With MA Economics Degree
Master Theif With MA Economics Degree
Master in International Economics
Master in International Economics
Katerina Kondrunina, Masters Degree Student in Corporate
Katerina Kondrunina, Masters Degree Student in Corporate ...
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