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June 16, 2021
Health Economics and


Employment opportunities span people, exclusive and educational sectors. From DC Metro location to Denmark, our graduates are honing their own health economic abilities in aspects of health insurance, comparative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.

The Master of wellness Science (MHS) in Health Economics is a nine-month educational program that provides pupils a great foundation generally health business economics and assessment techniques necessary to advertise the efficient and equitable allocation of medical sources in public areas health and to identify relevant regulatory guidelines, methods and treatments.

These types of methods are essential in designing and evaluating preventive and curative solutions, and tend to be highly relevant to healthcare methods around the world.

The MHS exists jointly because of the Departments of wellness Policy and control and Overseas wellness. In addition attracts upon talents found elsewhere in Bloomberg School in addition to Johns Hopkins University.

Pupils enrolled in this program from both departments will need a typical core of programs, spanning wellness business economics, financial analysis, econometrics, statistics and epidemiology.

Pupils are able to focus, centered on passions and knowledge, by choosing from optional classes that concentrate on the U.S. or non-U.S. settings. Graduates for this system are well situated to pursue doctoral learning business economics and wellness policy or even for careers as analysts in both community and exclusive areas.

This really is an academic MHS which varies through the other professional masters programs offered by both divisions. MHS programs offer options for advanced level study and study in a particular general public health discipline for students planning analysis careers or additional graduate study.

John F.P. Bridges, PhD, Health Plan and Control
Antonio J. Trujillo, PhD, MPP, International Wellness

Application or Administrative Issues

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