Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management

February 5, 2021
Bachelor of Arts in

Program Outcomes
Pupils just who effectively finish the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management level program will be able to:

  • Examine their private leadership design and determine its appropriateness to various organizational circumstances;
  • Demonstrate proper decision-making abilities in organizational contexts;
  • Formulate approaches for efficient team development;
  • Analyze alternative solutions for complex business problems;
  • Assess specific traits that influence work habits and business effectiveness; and
  • Study the effect of social dilemmas regarding workplace at specific, group, organizational, and societal amounts.

Program Demands

  • Final amount of credits required: 120 credits
  • General Knowledge Requirements: 52 credits*
  • Significant Program Demands: 30 credits*
  • Electives: 44 credits

You have to finish 30 upper-division credits, of which 18 credits must be from major program. A total of 30 credits needs to be completed at Ashford University to meet up the residency necessity.

* In this program, 6 credits from significant might satisfy General Education needs.

Your experience is important and may be really worth college credit. If you have attended college prior to, served in the military, or completed instruction for your task, ask how Ashford can recognize your success.

You'll transfer as much as 90 approved credits from neighborhood college or any other previous university training toward your Bachelor's degree at Ashford. Don't forget to look beyond the class room for life credits, including army training.


Program Disclosures
Federal laws posted in October, 2010 need establishments to report certain information on pupils whom enrolled in Title IV eligible educational programs that induce gainful work in an accepted occupation (GE programs). These required disclosures include a program’s 1) system prices; 2) on-time conclusion prices; 3) median loan financial obligation; 4) links to O*NET SOC information; and 5) placement rates. Kindly get a hold of all of the needed information at this link: system Disclosures.

Cohort Retention, Persistence, and Graduation
Information regarding cohort retention, determination, and graduation data for online Bachelor’s degree-level students are obtainable during the next link: Online Bachelor's information. Extra disaggregated views of cohort retention, determination, and graduation for students in every level levels and modalities can also be found.

Conditional Admission Requirements
Students looking for entry to an online undergraduate program must meet with the following admission requirements prior to the start of first training course at Ashford University:

Have actually a regular high-school diploma received through college-preparatory or regular highschool courses or GED equivalency recognized by the division of Education for the state for which it had been obtained, completed additional college through residence education as defined by condition law, or earned an equivalent to an US senior school diploma at a worldwide senior high school relating to approved international Evaluation services. An earned IEP or Special knowledge Diploma or Certificate of conclusion in relation to IEP objectives will not meet with the regular high school diploma requirement for admission to Ashford University. Skilled candidates will self-certify on their highschool education on application for entry. Ashford University might need, at its discretion, that an applicant or pupil offer a top school transcript, senior school diploma, and/or evidence of driving the GED or condition certification awarded. If no twelfth grade degree was won, candidates who have effectively finished about a two-year system this is certainly appropriate for full credit toward a bachelor’s level from an appropriately approved postsecondary institution, as defined by Ashford University transfer credit policies, are admitted.

Be 22 years of age or older, or be exempt with this requirement by satisfying one of several following requirements:

  • Made a minimum of 20 transferable credits* as defined by Ashford University transfer credit guidelines
  • Earned 0-19 transferable credits and effectively completed the scholar Success Orientation
  • Searching for readmission to Ashford University after withdrawal from a qualification program; or
  • Current degree-seeking student at Ashford University requesting to change majors.

* If satisfying the below 22 exemption with 20 transferable credits, unofficial transcripts should be submitted using Application for Admissions.

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