Music Business Masters degree

July 11, 2021

The Music company graduate program is a specialized system that covers the music business as an original company operating within corporate and entrepreneurial structures. Ny University is one of the few universities in the nation to offer a graduate level in the music business field. The abilities you develop will serve you really in a fast-paced industry that needs completely trained personnel who is able to use company and administration concept to conditions that have actually a good aesthetic and creative measurement.

As well as providing structured classes, the curriculum encourages pupil autonomy through an interactive classroom environment, internships, and research demands. Students are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities like the Concert plan Board, radio section WNYU also to follow our blog site, Velocity, when it comes to latest development and happenings.

Underlying our curriculum is a four-step procedure for training and understanding that answers the question: exactly what do you discover at an university that will prepare one to flourish in a market that's infamously fluid and capricious?

  • Very first, we instruct the structure for the business – its systems, methods, foibles.
  • 2nd, we explore the alterations in and causes of that framework.
  • Third, we encourage important analysis and interpretation associated with the structure.
  • The 4th action is for you to decide – final Colloquy jobs propose modifications and innovations to take the industry ahead.

Unique Focus in Musical Tech

The focus associated with the concentration is on understanding interrelations between songs companies and customer technologies, sound for games alongside interactive programs, sound design in electronic songs area, and appearing platforms for generation and exploitation of songs.

In their final M.A. tasks, pupils in the concentration have:

  • Evolved cellular apps
  • Started businesses
  • Recommended business and technology guidelines and strategies to federal government agencies
  • Used technology to promote growing songs styles overseas
  • Built new IP (intellectual home) assets for start-up organizations using recorded music samples

Individuals with this focus send details of their particular previous academic and/or expert songs technology experience.

Student Learning Objectives

Within system, students will figure out how to

  • Apply company and administration theory to issues that have a good visual and imaginative measurement
  • Define, review, and evaluate the construction and procedure regarding the songs company
  • Devise business targets and also make strategy decisions to achieve targets
  • Design final Colloquy projects that suggest changes and innovations to make the industry ahead

Whenever doing their education, students will achieve core competencies in these five areas:

  • Financial and market development for music products or services, including strategic evaluation and planning
  • Legal, technical and competitive environment when it comes to songs business
  • Leadership in complex organizational surroundings for songs business
  • International environment the arts as well as the influence of worldwide economic climate
  • Programs of analysis methodologies in the field
Music Business 3.0 Panel at Full Sail University
Music Business 3.0 Panel at Full Sail University
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