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May 25, 2019
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If you would like to connect or unlink an Artix Game account (for AQWorlds, DragonFable, MechQuest, or AdventureQuest) to/from an Artix Account, we are pleased to help!

Here are the tips about how to connect an Artix Game Account to an Artix Account:

  • Head to our Portal Site and login to your Artix Account
  • Visit My Account using your Artix Account profile
  • In Account Menu left of the page, select connect Game Accounts
  • Find the Artix Game when it comes to account you may like to connect to your Artix Account
  • Enter your Artix Game Account name and Password
  • Click connect to Master Account - your Artix Account is a "Master Account"

Here are measures how-to unlink an Artix Game account to an Artix Account:

  • Select My Games under your Artix Account profile - this is certainly in addition the page which comes up after you login towards Artix Account
  • Click the huge yellow button when it comes to Artix Game Account you'd like to unlink - you can only unlink an AdventureQuest Worlds, DragonFable, MechQuest or AdventureQuest account from an Artix Account and just if Artix Points have not been spent for upgrades!
  • Visit Unlink Game Account on the right-side associated with the page
  • Concur that you may like to unlink your Artix Game Account from your own Artix Account by clicking "Yes Remove the Link." If you don't wish unlink your account, kindly click "No, don't change it out."
  • Your Artix Game Account is currently connected or unlinked to/from your Artix Account.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why can't we unlink any online game reports that use an Artix Account to try out?
A. Presently, our games EpicDuel, HeroSmash, OverSoul and our mingames PonyvsPony and BladeHaven can only just be played in the event that you develop an Artix Account via our Portal website or their particular specific online game site - they're no-cost and easy to produce! If somehow some of these game reports had been unlinked, they'd virtually be lost in mystical Artix code world and would be very very tough to recover. So, which is why they can not be unlinked - we mightnot need all of them to-be accidentally unlinked and you also lose all of them forever!

Q. Why can't I unlink my AdventureQuest Worlds, DragonFable, MechQuest or original AdventureQuest account from my Artix Account if I spent Artix Points?
A. Once you purchase Artix Points for your Artix Account and spend the Artix Points on an update for AQWorlds, DragonFable, MechQuest or original AdventureQuest, those reports are actually permanently connected. All repayment deals and Artix Points redemptions needs to be tracked! When we allowed players to unlink and relink multiple online game accounts with several Artix reports, things would get really perplexing and locating the records would-be very a challenge! However, if there is an extenuating circumstance, we may manage to unlink a game account from an Artix Account if Artix Points have-been invested as a one time only exemption. This would simply be for those of you players who do n't have an ongoing active Upgraded Membership in AQWorlds/HeroSmash or that have maybe not spent Artix Points from the connected online game account in a very number of years.

how to link master account to aqw account
how to link master account to aqw account
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