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June 12, 2018
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The Qualitative Report, Volume 3, No. 3, September, 1997


Into the preceding article (Tellis, 1997), the objectives and objectives were provided and explained thoroughly. In this article, the methodology to complete those goals and goals will likely to be examined. Your reader will become acquainted with the precise practices which are used in current study, and supported by the literary works which was reviewed in the earlier article. That methodology will follow the recommendation of Yin (1994) and has four phases:

  1. Design the situation study,
  2. Conduct the outcome study,
  3. Review the actual situation study evidence, and
  4. Develop the conclusions, tips and implications.

The content begins with an introduction, which includes some of the background information that's designed to inform your reader. Following that part, each step of this methodology are investigated thoroughly. Eventually a summary will connect everything in a concise manner.


Example is a perfect methodology when a holistic, detailed research will become necessary (Feagin, Orum, & Sjoberg, 1991). Case studies have been used in varied investigations, particularly in sociological studies, but increasingly, in instruction. Yin, Stake, and others who have wide expertise in this methodology have developed robust treatments. When these procedures are followed, the researcher will be following methods as well developed and tested as any in the scientific field. Perhaps the research is experimental or quasi-experimental, the information collection and evaluation practices are known to conceal some details (share, 1995). Case scientific studies, alternatively, are made to enhance the main points from the standpoint of individuals simply by using numerous sources of data.

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Case Study Research Method pptn
Case Study Research Method pptn
Case Study Research Method
Case Study Research Method
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