Advantages of case study method

June 17, 2018
Followed by case control study

After would be the advantageous asset of research study Method

  1. Intensive Study. Case study method is in charge of intensive research of a unit. It's the investigation and exploration of a meeting completely and deeply.
  2. No Sampling. It studies a personal unit in its entire views. It indicates there isn't any sampling in case study technique.
  3. Continuous Research. Its valuable in evaluating continually the life of a personal device to dig out the facts.
  4. Hypothesis Formulation. This process is beneficial for formulation of theory for further study.
  5. Reviews. It compares various particular details about the research of a unity.
  6. Rise in Knowledge. It gives the analytical energy of a person to improve knowledge about a social phenomena.
  7. Generalization of Data. Case study strategy provides grounds for generalization of data for illustrating analytical findings.
  8. Comprehensive. Its a comprehensive approach to information collection in personal analysis.
  9. Select Deviant Cases. The deviant cases are these units which behave from the proposed theory. Therefore, it locate these deviant cases. The inclination should disregard all of them but they are important for study.
  10. Farming Questionnaire or Schedule. Through case study method we can formulate and develop a questionnaire and routine.

Downside of Case Study Way Of Data Collection

Research study technique has the following disadvantages

  1. Minimal Representatives. Due to as narrow concentrates an incident study has limited representatives and generalization is impossible.
  2. No Classification. Any classification is certainly not feasible because of learning a little device.
  3. Possibility for Errors. Research study technique could have the mistakes of memory and judgment.
  4. Subjective Method. Its a subjective method rather than objective.
  5. No Easy and Simple. This method is quite hard no layman can conduct this technique.
  6. Bias May Appear. Because narrow study the discrimination & bias can does occur when you look at the investigation of a social device.
  7. No Fixed Limits. This process is be determined by situation and now have no fixed limitations of investigation for the researcher.
  8. Costly and Frustrating. This process is much more pricey and time-consuming as compare to other types of data collection.
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