Pain Management Doctors Long Island

October 25, 2022
Orthopedic SpineCare of Long

Physicians and Staff
Neil B. Kirschen MD Robert Iadevaio MD Jacob Rauchwerger MD Candra Snyder ANP Patricia Kirschen L.Ac.

The doctors and staff at Pain Management Center of longer Island
(PMCLI) specialize in comprehending each people condition in addition to variety of approaches to its treatment. Our staff is exclusively competent to provide many current, effective treatments to simply help customers achieve a satisfactory standard of relief and eventually reclaim their lives.
All PMCLI doctors are board licensed in anesthesiology in addition to discomfort administration specialty. PMCLI physicians and staff add another dimension to optimal client attention. Our licensed professionals tend to be trained to address a wide range of actual signs and circumstances. PMCLI additionally partners with Atlantic Anesthesiology to provide our patients with additional treatment resources. Heres a snapshot of this PMCLI team that will help put you on the path to relief of pain.

Neil B. Kirschen, MD is Chief of soreness control, Department of Anesthesiology at Southern Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside, nyc. Board certified in Anesthesiology, soreness medication, Acupuncture and therapeutic massage, Dr. Kirschen did extensive postgraduate training in osteopathic and handbook medication. He uses acupuncture therapy, vertebral manipulation, health therapeutic massage, craniosacral treatment, ligament reconstructive therapy, normal medicines and interventional anesthetic nerve blocks inside the rehearse.
Robert Iadevaio, MD is an attending Anesthesiologist at Southern Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside, nyc. Dr. Iadevaio is board certified in Pain Management, Anesthesiology and Acupuncture. Their rehearse of discomfort medication includes interventional and pharmacological treatments for several persistent pain problems, with special-interest and training in cancer tumors and neuropathic pain syndromes.
Jacob Rauchwerger, MD is Board Certified in Anesthesiology and soreness medication. Dr. Rauchwerger finished his internship in surgery at North Shore University Hospital and his residency in anesthesiology at SUNY Downstate clinic in Brooklyn. In addition, Dr. Rauchwerger completed a fellowship in discomfort medicine at University of Maryland clinic.

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Pain Management at Eastern Long Island Hospital
Pain Management at Eastern Long Island Hospital
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Pain Management Doctors NJ | Pain Management in NJ ...
TMJ Pain Management Long Island
TMJ Pain Management Long Island
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