Doctorate in Project Management

October 25, 2022
Doctorate in Project

Project management doctorate programs are designed to provide students with the knowledge required to help companies reach their operational and performance potential. Courses are usually focused on such subjects as budget management, risk assessment, cost control and bid negotiation.

Because students might be currently employed in the industry, some schools offer distance learning programs that might be completed entirely online, making it more convenient for those with full schedules or other obligations to take care of. Once an individual graduates from a doctorate program, he or she might have the educational qualifications necessary to pursue a wide variety of potential career opportunities.

Common Coursework in Project Management PhD Programs

While completing a PhD in Project Management, scholars might have the chance to learn about how to manage several projects at once and how to best report any progress made over the course of a project for the most accurate results. Before completing a program, students might first have to compile a final written assignment that shows they have attained the skills necessary to identify problems a company or organization is having, identify areas that require intervention and recommend a thorough and justified plan of action. A series of dissertation courses might be included in some programs to help students prepare for their final assignment. There might also be a mandatory comprehensive exam students have to pass before they are able to receive their degrees.

Concentration Options for PhD in Project Management Students

Just as there are several different types of businesses that require project management, there are many different concentration options for those who are interested in earning a graduate degree in project management. Programs for construction projects managers are usually aimed at teaching students about managing construction projects, information systems used in construction and strategies of lean construction.

Students who are more interested in technology might be intrigued at the doctorate programs that concentrate on IT project management. Coursework might include quantitative research techniques, advanced qualitative research, portfolio management and information technology research.

In addition to IT and construction, there are some project management doctorate programs that include project engineering within their curriculums. Scholars could have the opportunity to learn more about pollution prevention, energy conversion, utilizing energy for sustainability and hazardous waste engineering. Such a concentration might be a good choice for scientists as well as practicing engineers.

Potential Career Options for Project Management Doctoral Degree Holders

There are a number of potential career options that may be available for individuals with a PhD in Project Management. Besides construction, information technology and engineering, doctorate program graduates might find employment opportunities in business. Those who have an education background in a technical field and focus their studies on project management may be intrigued at the idea of teaching at a postsecondary educational institutional.

There is still room for continuing education for project managers who have earned a doctorate degree. The Project Management Institute offers the Project Management Professional and Program Management Professional certification exams.

Similar Occupations to Project Management

Scholars who like a little variety to go with their potential employment options might be interested in pursuing occupations similar to project management. General contractors are tasked with supervising the construction of residential, public, commercial and industrial structures. Not only that, but they also oversee the building of bridges, roads and memorials. Besides managing construction, contractors also work alongside builders and develops on a consulting basis[i]. While not typically required, becoming a Certified Construction Manager might be a credential that helps demonstrate an individual’s expertise[ii].

Job duties for computer and information systems mangers include determining an organization’s computer needs, overseeing the installation/upgrading of computer technology, negotiating with vendors and making sure an organization’s networks remain secure[iii]. Besides a doctorate in project management, those interested in becoming computer and information systems managers should have an education background in computer or information science or a closely related field[iv].

As you dive deeper into PhD programs for project management, you’re sure to find there are plenty of industries and businesses in which professionals might choose to pursue potential career opportunities. Earning a higher degree might be easier than ever, thanks to the abundance of distance learning programs. Start managing the future of your career by exploring different project management doctorate programs and concentrations.

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