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August 31, 2020
Doctor of Health Sciences

Conversations with graduates of Sullivan’s Doctor of Philosophy in Management system.

Patrick F. Hafford, Ph.D.

Hometown: Camarillo, CA
Ph.D. Focus: Strategic Control
Sullivan Graduation 12 months: 2014 (Hafford was Sullivan’s very first Ph.D. graduate!)
Present Position: Dean associated with university of Arts and Sciences at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA

Q: reveal a bit regarding the background and just why you have made the decision to make your Ph.D. in management.

A: I’ve had the chance to operate in administration opportunities in civil service, not-for-profit and business settings before visiting academia 11 years ago. At that time I'd won my MBA from Babson university and designed to be a professor of management and continue my consulting training quietly. I became department head and then Dean associated with College of Arts and Sciences at Wentworth. Once I was promoted to dean, we discovered that I was minimal academically skilled individual because place. We began trying to find a quality, length knowledge program so i possibly could make a doctorate while still working. Another crucial consideration had been that without a doctorate, i must say i couldn’t go any place else within dean or provost level.

Q: the reason why did you select Sullivan’s Ph.D. program?

A: There were two key features that made Sullivan a clear choice. We then followed on line doctorate system choices for a few years. The things I desired ended up being a Ph.D. and not a DBA or DM or other level that needed explanation. Everyone knows exactly what a Ph.D. is and what it indicates. The 2nd factor ended up being that I wanted an application which had secondary certification. Management programs at Wentworth tend to be approved by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business knowledge (IACBE), and so I wanted an IACBE college that offered a distance Ph.D. There may be others that do that these days, however when we started I becamen’t aware of any but Sullivan that met both of these criteria. I will add that I was impressed by Tony Piña, dean of Sullivan’s on the web unit. I spoke with him and chose to enlist.

Q: reveal just what it meant to that be Sullivan’s very first Ph.D. graduate.

A: It required I beat Gary Boettcher, my classmate, colleague and buddy to the finish line! Only kidding. For me, it absolutely wasn’t really about becoming initially. It absolutely was about completing the job and making the amount.

Q: reveal only a little regarding your dissertation. In what means performed Sullivan give you support through the entire process?

A: The title is “Learning to Survive: A Mixed Methods learn of Intersection of Organizational decrease and training Organization methods.” This study examined how some companies influence mastering on individual and organizational amounts as perhaps their particular biggest resource when confronted by difficulties to their continued viability.
I was impressed in what We learned at Sullivan. I hadn’t actually looked at discovering organizations or business decline until I became exposed to these fields of study through my coursework.

The standard of assistance for your dissertation, no real matter what college you attend and exactly what field you study, is virtually totally dependent up on your dissertation committee and your committee chair particularly. I happened to be extremely lucky to have an extraordinary committee—Teri Daniel, seat of my committee, LaVena Wilkin, director of Sullivan’s Ph.D. program, and Tony Piña. They provided the rigor and encouragement necessary to be successful.

Q: just how performed your knowledge from Sullivan help you achieve your objectives and get that where you stand today?

A: I did this somewhat backwards. I happened to be a dean whenever I began this program. What it performed do for me personally is offer myself options for career mobility which were not available prior to. In addition it permits us to practice grant, that wasn’t the focus of my MBA.

Q: just what guidance can you give potential students that are thinking about Sullivan’s Ph.D. system?

A: First, recognize that this isn't a part-time system; it's a distance training program. You'll feel the rigor of a full-time, on-site system. The difference is the fact that rather than becoming a teaching assistant or research associate, you'll have a full-time job and presumably household along with other obligations.

Second, this system will be the most time-consuming and difficult thing you are likely to do. It'll become an extra full time job. That said, you may be proud at the end that you received the best doctorate. Be sure you along with your family members know the price with regards to your time and effort.

Third, become familiar with your professors while the various other pupils in your cohort. The sole individuals who will understand your difficulties tend to be others who are getting through it with you. Whenever in question, reach out to all of them.

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