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January 24, 2023
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In 2004 the Poe category of Tampa, Florida endowed the Elizabeth B. and William F. Poe Center for company Ethics knowledge and Research in honor of their parents. The middle will continue the work associated with the Poe company Ethics Program, that has offered the faculty since 1998.

The targets associated with Center are threefold:

  • To improve the presence of ethical problems among university and university pupils
  • To give discussion boards for thoughtful analysis of important moral dilemmas in business
  • To influence students in order to become skilled and responsible company residents.

The Poe Center seeks to improve student knowing of the necessity of ethics in their private and expert resides. Through graduate and undergraduate courses, and through its activities and programs, the middle provokes thought and conversation of company ethics. Consequently, our pupils hold the communication skills essential to succeed in any business environment.

The Center's tasks are premised regarding the proven fact that business ethics lies within core of a productive marketplace system, and that a prosperous and just society presumes that individuals accept obligation and release responsibilities, they honor commitments, they deal honestly with other people, and that they respect the self-esteem and stability of other humans.

Please explore our website and consider opportunities to be involved in the task of the Poe company Ethics Center.

- Virginia G. Maurer, JD, Director

Advancing Moral Methods in Seafood Sourcing - Panel Discussion

The Poe Center for Business Ethics hosted a panel conversation on Advancing Ethical Practices in Seafood Sourcing. The discussion took place on January 14th, 2014.

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