Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies

October 21, 2022
Sunburn concludes SSCBS

(SSCBS) is a constituent college regarding the, imparting education in the fields of administration, finance and information technology with excellence and contains already been a pioneer in undergraduate management training. The faculty had been established in 1987 because of the Ministry of Human site developing as the very first collegiate business college in India. Contact with real business circumstances is a significant factor of curriculum.


The school was established as 'university of company Studies' under the aegis associated with Delhi University in 1987. Dr.S S Gulshan was the visionary behind the thought of undergraduate business management training, and had been appointed due to the fact Principal regarding the university.

In 1991, the school of company Studies had been the first university in Delhi University to consider the semester system, for the BBS training course. After 19 many years, the semester system was then implemented throughout programs throughout the institution this season.

The school ended up being rechristened as 'Shaheed Sukhdev College of company Studies' in 1997, to pay homage to Indian revolutionary Sukhdev Thapar which and Bhagat Singh and Shivaram Rajguru became element of independency folklore because of their sacrifice.

In 1999, the school became the only college in the country to own BFIA programme, a core Finance based programme spread over six semesters. SSCBS may be the only university within the Delhi University to own BFIA program.

SSCBS is known for its community Culture throughout in Delhi University . SSCBS has it very own brand name in excellency.


The college provides B. Sc(Bachelor Of Science)in Computer Science. In addition offers two other courses- Bachelor of control Studies ( BMS) and Bachelor of Business Administration and Finance and Investment testing (BFIA).


Dr. Poonam Verma [ Ph.D ] Dr. Sanjay Kumar Goyal [ Associate Professor, M.Com, Ph.D ] Dr. Preeti Rajpal Singh [ Associate Professor, MBA, Ph.D ] Dr. Hamendra Kumar Porwal [ Associate Professor, MBA, CA, Ph.D ] Mrs. Kavita Kapur [ Connect Professor, MBE ] Dr. Tarannum Ahmad [ Connect Professor, MBE, Ph.D ] Dr. Rohini Singh [ Associate Professor, Ph.D ] Mrs. Shalini Prakash [ Connect Professor, MA, M.Phil ] Dr. Anuja Mathur [Connect Professor, MBE, Ph.D] Dr. Abhishek Tandon [ Assistant Professor, M.Sc, Ph.D ] Mr. Narander Kumar Nigam [ Assistant Professor, M.Com]


The admission procedure for BMS and BFIA training course varies from regular cut-offs according to Class XII results, as used various other universities regarding the University. The Faculty of Management research, undertakes the obligation for admissions in program BMS. Selection criteria for potential pupils contain (weightage in entry decisions provided in brackets)

1. An objective written test, the Joint entry Test (JAT) - includes a multitude of questions on verbal skills, quantitative skills, reasoning, business understanding, and existing matters.(50per cent)
2. Performance in Class XII Examination (English, Mathematics are compulsory topics).(30percent)
3.Personal Interview(10per cent) and Group discussion(10per cent)

The admission to BMS/BFIA training course the most competitive in Delhi University with more than 30, 000 programs in 2015.

The admission toward B.Sc Computer Science programme is performed entirely on cut-offs predicated on Class XII performance. The cutoff with this college is comparatively very high with this training course.The university is considered as one of the best colleges in DU for both of the classes.Some of this leading publications and Portal ranked CBS as second best company control College in Asia and ranks 1st in Asia at Undergraaduate amount.

Expert placements[edit]

SSCBS has generated its reputation on its useful approach to training concept grounded in real-world application. The expert placements of the graduates and interns position among the best in India and are usually preserved through a passionate student staff in the SSCBS job Development Centre.
In 2015, 61 organizations recruited at CBS, bestest among all universities under University of Delhi . The best packages offered to students of SSCBS are in more than Rs. 1 million, with normal packages of over Rs 550, 000.

Some prestigious companies recruiting at CBS include among others:

Student life[edit]

Students at SSCBS have the opportunity to take part in a number of special occasions sponsored because of the university.

Crescendo is a corporate-cum-cultural festival and the biggest event in SSCBS' annual calendar, a vibrant and everyday event that brings together pupils and corporate associates. Events at Crescendo feature music Concert, Party Shuffle (DJ) evening, musical and Dance Competition, Debating Competition, Ad-Making and Corporate Quiz.

Convergence is the annual flagship business meeting of CBS. .

Adrenaline may be the yearly sports fest of SSCBS, spanning providing for 25 days continuously inside month of January–February. Winter months Olympics of CBS accommodates 16 Events in 7 recreations - particularly Volleyball, Soccer, Cricket (CCL), Athletics, ping pong, Badminton & Chess.

Manthan had been made to reach out to the public, giving a note of hope, revival & awakening among the list of youth regarding the country. This will be usually a 15- to 20-day event when road performs tend to be carried out at malls, historic monuments, gardens, schools, alongside public venues by various colleges of Delhi University, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, and IIT. Each overall performance is followed by a little discussion using audience present. These conversations tend to be facilitated by NGOs.

Sanganak the annual technical fest of SSCBS is aimed at inculcating and shocasing the tech fire with its pupils.Its activities consist of bITz – The Biz-Tech Quiz, DeCodeEnmITy – The LAN Battle, movie Mashup, #Tweet2win, DECRPYT – The IT Crossword, App-t-IT-ude – The Nokia S40 Gaming App Competition and many more.

'Dell Social development Competition 2011' was organized by The University of Texas at Austin and Dell when it comes to fifth consecutive year using aim of bringing visibility and public recognition to huge number of social entrepreneurs worldwide. Asia through SIFE SSCBS (Students in Free Enterprise staff of 'Shaheed Sukhdev university of Business Studies', University of Delhi) for the first time ever regarding the competition appeared as one of the finalists from over 1450 groups that used all over the world. SIFE SSCBS ended up being awarded witho Third prize comprising the trophy and $10, 000 therefore the People’s Choice Award, composed of the trophy and $1000.

Reminiscence, an alumni dinner organized by the CBS Alumni Association, is a system for CBS alumni and existing students to have interaction with each other and play a role in their particular mutual development.

There are also many academic, leisure and cultural communities accessible to SSCBS students.

  • The Darkroom - Visual Arts Community
  • Jhankaar - Bhangra Society
  • Synergy - The Organization Community
  • Grandeur- The Information Cell of SSCBS
  • CDC- The placement society
  • Verve - Street Enjoy Society
  • Parishram - Sports Community
  • Renaissance - Debating Society
  • Mark-IT - The Advertising Community
  • Lawrence- Regulations Culture
  • Communique - The Promotion Cell
  • Dhwani - Songs Society
  • Kronos- The Tech culture
  • Ecovision - The Economics Society
  • Illuminati - Quizzing Community
  • Control Interaction Cell (MIC)
  • Yuva - The Entrepreneurship Cell
  • FinX - Finance Society
  • Blitz - Dance Society
  • Kriti - Fine Arts Community
  • Editorial Board
  • Kartavya - Social Service Society
  • Fourth Wall Manufacturing - Dramatics Community
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Dr Poonam Verma, Principal, Shaheed Sukhdev College, Interview
Dr Poonam Verma, Principal, Shaheed Sukhdev College, Interview
A tough battle between Shaheed Sukhdev College and Gogte
A tough battle between Shaheed Sukhdev College and Gogte ...
Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies
Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies
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