Bachelors degree in Economics

September 5, 2022
And earned his bachelors
  • Our pupils, that characterized by a higher standard of educational success but a markedly worldwide profile (with change pupils from 70 countries), offer great prospect of having buddies, acquaintances and expert contacts all around the globe.
  • Our lecturers, just who originate from 20 various countries, participate in cutting-edge nationwide and European research. The Department of Economics and Business is consequently celebrated as an international standard-setter.
  • Over 67per cent of your classes tend to be taught in English. Of specific note is our bachelor's level programme in Global Business Economics, which is taught completely in English.
  • It keeps exchanges using best universities in the world. An overall total of 119 organizations receive 320 Faculty pupils annually therefore we play number to 350 worldwide students.
  • Paid internships at well known Spanish and international companies, though not compulsory, reach the record figure of just one, 000 this present year.


Our pledge should enable every student who opts to take a college degree programme at our faculty to build up their particular capabilities to the full. We thus supply a variety of possibilities that motivate pupils to definitely participate in their particular instruction and work out utilization of the sources on our virtual campus for self-study reasons.


The bachelor's degree programme in Economics provides theoretical and useful understanding that makes accurate evaluation for the economy feasible. UPF's Economics graduates needs to be able to understand the interrelation between the economic climate and society; to take into account financial issues from an international point of view and just take an area method of resolving all of them; to make contacts between a financial system's various elements; to assess the implications of decisions pertaining to economic policy; and also to answer the economic problems arising from culture generally speaking plus the different devices that communicate therein (example. establishments, exclusive businesses and areas of economy).

Towards programme

Basic and compulsory subjects essential to an understanding of business economics and business, such as Mathematics, Introduction to Company Law and Introduction to Financial Accounting, are taught in the first 12 months for the programme.

Inside 2nd year, pupils understand in greater detail concerning the industries of microeconomics, macroeconomics, likelihood, data, econometrics and financial evaluation, among others.

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BA International Development with Economics
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