Business Management Bachelors

January 5, 2022
Business management bachelors
BUS400 Company Ethics 3 credits

This program examines the moral principles and morals in the commercial environment.


  • Study numerous views on nature of morality as well as on ethical behavior.
  • Discover normative concepts of ethics, including consequentialist and nonconsequentialist theories, Kantian ethics, and utilitarianism.
  • Discover the unique ideas of justice into the framework of economic distribution, including utilitarian and libertarian views along with Rawls’s principle of justice.
  • Learn the main element options that come with the capitalist system.
  • Outline the character of corporations and their connections to ethics and social responsibility.
  • Check out ethical dilemmas pertaining to customers through reference to particular cases and examples.
  • Relate business and corporate ethics to ecological concerns.
  • Research honest issues regarding the office, including samples of certain issues and difficulties.
  • Discover varying views on task discrimination.
General Elective (Choose one) 3 credits

ACC201 - Intermediate Accounting 1

  • Compute earnings per share.
  • Learn rent deals, cash flow, retirement benefits, and benefits.
  • Understand income-tax accounting.
  • Analyze financial statements.

ACC202 - Intermediate Accounting 2

  • Learn the distinctions between existing debts and lasting liabilities, while focusing on temporary debts and contingencies they present.
  • Discover the treatment of long-lasting liabilities.
  • Find out the results and remedy for taxes.
  • Account fully for retirement benefits and pension advantages.
  • Study spent capital and made capital in terms of the creditor’s interest in the possessions of an organization through shareholder’s equity.

ACC210 - Cost Accounting

  • Recognize how the familiarity with product and service prices can be used to create selling prices.
  • Discover techniques always assess the performance of supervisors and subunits within a business.
  • Understand how the bookkeeping system is employed as something to encourage managers toward the objectives of an organization.

ACC211 - Computer Applications in Accounting

  • Utilize typical accounting software tools, including Microsoft® succeed, ® QuickBooks, ® and Peachtree® Accounting.
  • Apply computer-based solutions to real-world bookkeeping methods.
  • Solve problems, read case studies, and make use of computer system applications to fix dilemmas experienced in today’s bookkeeping environment.

COM110 - Public Relations 1

  • Find out strategic writing in public areas relations, marketing and advertising, sales and marketing, and company communication.
  • Uncover the art of persuasion while the pr preparing procedure.
  • Develop your study abilities to get strategies for writing clearly and simply, as well as making use of correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Examine the writing types and operations for emails, memos, letters, reports, proposals, news releases, broadcasts, advertisement backup, product for the Internet, speeches, newsletters, leaflets, publications, and yearly reports.
  • Discover the correct protocol for interacting information during a crisis.

COM115-Public Relations 2

  • Get tips on analysis methods and preparation and evaluating a pr system.
  • Discover how to prepare and handle imprinted and video news releases, news notifications and media kits, and pitch letters.
  • Explore the use of social media additionally the purpose of trade shows and exhibitions in public relations.
  • Examine conflict management and exactly how to control public opinion.
  • Study the part of public relations in a variety of areas and configurations, particularly business, federal government, global, educational, nonprofit, and sports pr.

FIN101- Financial Management

  • Learn about investing in long-lasting possessions.
  • Study money construction and dividend plan.
  • Discover about economic planning and working capital management.

FIN210 - Individual Financial Management

  • Find out the principles and importance of managing your finances.
  • Learn how to handle and fund your own personal assets.
  • Get important knowledge that can help you both in your own personal life and in your business management job.

HRM210 - Compensation Management

  • Find out about the different kinds of pay, the pay design, and payment techniques.
  • Establish the resources of competitive advantage.
  • Learn interior alignment and just what elements shape inner structure.
  • Create an abilities evaluation and a competency analysis.
  • Discover the factors that form outside competition.
  • Determine how performance pay can encourage employee behavior.
  • Analyze approaches for calculating job overall performance.
  • Discover the key issues in benefits planning, design, and administration.
  • Research unions additionally the influence of unions on wage dedication.
  • Find out the laws that regulate pay at work.

INT205 - Introduction to Internet Multimedia

  • Find out about illustrations, noise, video, and cartoon.
  • Learn the greatest methods for how-to include media to your site and a user-friendly website design.
  • Learn to include databases to your internet website for greater functionality.
  • Uncover the essentials of ecommerce for web and how to effectively market your online business.
  • Arrange and design a stylish web site making use of media.
Company Elective (Select one) 3 credits

BUS330 - Threat Administration

  • Learn term threat, company risk, private danger, pure risk, alongside kinds of danger, and learn major threat management methods and business associated with danger management function within company.
  • Minimize the expense of threat to maximise company worth therefore the feasible conflicts between business and societal targets.
  • Understand how pooling of separate loss exposures decreases danger.
  • Find out whenever legal responsibility impacts security bonuses.
  • Learn the income tax advantages of life insurance coverage and annuity services and products.
  • Find out major kinds of worker advantages and just why firms offer all of them.
  • Get the standard record, functions, and economic rationale... researchgate
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