Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management)

August 19, 2022

You may be considered a global student in the event that you:

Program fundamentals

Equip your self using the skills and understanding to the office in lasting tourism companies. Gain sound business management knowledge with a specialisation in maxims and techniques regarding the vibrant intercontinental tourism business.

Gain the abilities and knowledge to develop, function, manage and market renewable tourism services and products, experiences, organizations and destinations. You’ll develop the knowledge and understanding of current international trends and issues facing the tourism industry in order to manage problems that challenge tourism organisations in diverse cultures and options.

This course includes 24 units incorporating core sections, specialist units, elective devices and a stream of expert development units.

There is the alternative of doing two Work incorporated Learning products (BBB3001 Co-operative knowledge 1 and BBB3002 Co-operative knowledge 2) in substitution for BBB3100 company Integrated Learning and another Elective device. This choice stretches the period of course to 4 years.

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Bachelor of Business - Major in Management
Bachelor of Business - Major in Management
Hospitality Courses | Bachelor of Business | William Blue
Hospitality Courses | Bachelor of Business | William Blue
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality)
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