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July 6, 2021
The Online Student s Guide to
  • Fillmore Senior High School
  • Sunrise Middle Class
  • Merrillville Community Institutes
  • Bragg Center School
  • Las Vegas, Nevada Academy
  • Anderson School District
  • Blue Ridge Community University
  • Hillidaysburg Jr. Tall
  • Swanson Center Class
  • Kenai Peninsula Borough
  • Lakeview Public Schools
  • Taylor Community Schools
  • San Ramon Valley Unified School District
  • Hallsville Independent School District
  • Onsted Community High School
  • Atlantic City Sr. Twelfth Grade
  • Abbotsford School District
  • Columbia Region Job Center
  • Red Bluff Union High School
  • Center For Gifted Education
  • Stanford University
  • Cornell University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Purdue University
  • Cologne Business School
  • UC Hillcrest
  • Northern Arizona University
  • Florida Overseas University
  • Pacific Union University
  • Missouri University of Science
  • Binghamton University
  • University of the latest Jersey
  • Emory University
  • Brand New England Culinary Institute
  • Bucknell University
  • Loyalist College
  • Highlands University
  • Lesley University
  • Oklahoma Christian University
  • And So Many More…


Gazillionaire will be always instruct monetary literacy, company math, personal scientific studies, business economics and entrepreneurship. In Gazillionaire, the ball player works a trading organization in outer space. The ball player must make choices about supply, demand, income, overhead, account balances etc. Considering Gazillionaire’s “award-winning” guide, it interests a broad generation and it has been used in a multitude of courses.


Zapitalism is a complicated business simulation game where in actuality the student works a retail company from the fictional island of Zapinalia. Zapitalism could be the next thing in our company simulation series. It’s additionally getting used to instruct financial literacy, business math, personal researches, economics and entrepreneurship. Zapitalism is the most functional of our simulations and appeals to the broadest a long time. Everyone else from middle schools through universities are utilising Zapitalism.


Profitania is considered the most higher level for the business simulations. In Profitania, the gamer manages and operates a factory in a subterranean world. Profitania could be the last section of LavaMind’s business simulation show and it is made for higher-level students. We advice beginning with Gazillionaire and dealing your path up to Profitania. Both game’s construction and concepts are more difficult to learn than either Gazillionaire or Zapitalism, making this simulation more challenging associated with the series.


This might be our only mobile company simulation online game. Run your own store in the fictional land of Biztopia. Pick the right products, corner the market, and outperform your competitors. Each brand-new item is a puzzle. It’s a balance of offer vs. need. Find out the right prices and experience the benefits. Grow your store, grab share of the market, and develop a retail juggernaut!


LavaMind’s Philosophy

Our viewpoint is the fact that discovering should always be an interactive and appealing task which stimulates the student’s imagination while illuminating the root principles. Our software happens to be made to enable students to interact with some complex some ideas in a rewarding environment that enhances the core curriculum.

The simulations are designed to assist students understand the fundamental maxims of in operation by translating abstract ideas into tangible instances, including paying rates of interest on a loan or buying marketing and advertising. Understanding how money works is essential for pupils, whom must learn to manage things such as an undergrad student loan or credit card.

We set the business enterprise simulation games in a fantasy scenario for two reasons. Initially, it gets rid of any confusion amongst the dream world and also the real world. 2nd, the dream environment stimulates the student’s imagination and facilitates the learning process. Our objective is to make pupils excited about mastering and get all of them active in the subject-matter.

Another revolutionary feature of LavaMind’s business simulation games is the award-winning tutorials. These tutorials are organized so that within seconds the pupils can understand how to connect to the program. There aren't any long manuals or other documentation to see.

Because the pupils know more about the interface, the games gradually build in complexity. This particular aspect allows the students to master at their particular pace, so that the simulation feels perfect for his or her abilities.

Due to the integral guide, artificial intelligence, and various trouble amounts, LavaMind’s training Series covers an extensive age range and may be applied in many different classes. Typically, Gazillionaire could be the most basic online game and really should be properly used with younger students, while Zapitalism and Profitania are more sophisticated consequently they are directed at senior school and university students.

Our goal is to get students excited about the thought of learning. We don’t anticipate them to disappear from LavaMind’s training Series with a set of memorized theorems or formulas. Alternatively, we would like all of them having an atmosphere for just what those a few ideas mean by using the principles when you look at the game environment. In that way as soon as the students read their particular text books, they are going to absorb the concepts even faster simply because they curently have a genuine sense of what the materials means.

Gaelic Games | EF Educational Tours
Gaelic Games | EF Educational Tours
Business Strategy Game Winning Tips; short edition.m4v
Business Strategy Game Winning Tips; short edition.m4v
Business Game St.Gallen 2014 Teaser
Business Game St.Gallen 2014 Teaser
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