Bachelor in Science in Business Administration

January 17, 2023
Bachelor in Science in

The Bachelor of Science running a business management Degree (BSBA) is a four-year system made to instruct broad company functions, progress students' expert skills, expand technological literacy, and build international perspective. Kogod students tailor their degree system by focusing on a particular company control. In addition, they may add an important or small an additional academic location.

Admission toward System

Freshman applicants needs to have shown above normal overall performance inside their college-preparatory programs in secondary school. Scores on SAT or ACT should indicate that applicant gets the possibility success in a rigorous university degree system. As a result of the quantitative focus associated with company management curriculum, its highly suggested that individuals use the SAT II mathematics test for positioning functions.

Besides university requirements for transfer admission, transfer candidates to KSB must have at least grade point average of 2.50 (on a 4.00 scale). This also applies to pupils moving from nondegree condition at American University. All transfer pupils have to take MGMT-458 and at the very least 18 upper-level credit hours toward their particular major demands in residence. Transfer credits for 300-level and above business programs are subject to validation by the proper department seat and might be depending on successful completion of a more advanced level course at American University.

  • 120 credit hours with a collective GPA of 2.00 or better
  • Conclusion of college writing requirement
  • Conclusion of institution mathematics requirement
  • General Education Needs

  • A total of ten courses, composed of two courses from each one of the five foundational places.
  • One or more course from region Five: The All-natural and Mathematical Sciences must add a laboratory science component.
  • No more than two courses can be drawn in equivalent discipline.
  • Note: Foundational Area 4 should be fulfilled by ECON-100 Macroeconomics FA4 and ECON-200 Microeconomics FA4.

    Major Requirements

  • An overall total of 120 credit hours with a cumulative class point average of 2.00 or maybe more.
  • Students need to ensure that no more than 66 for the 120 credit time graduation requirement are taken inside the Kogod class of Business.
  • IBUS-200 and FIN-200 are considered company programs and may perhaps not count toward the non-business program requirement whether or not these are typically taken for General Education credit.
  • Business core courses: 36 credit hours with grades of C or better (pass/fail grades are not allowed).
  • Pupils must keep a minimum collective level point average of 2.0 is entitled to sign up for company courses.
  • Area of specialization: a minimum of 12 credit hours with grades of C or better (pass/fail grades aren't allowed). Students should declare a location of specialization ahead of the end of the junior year. Every area of expertise must certanly be approved in advance by the Office of educational products. Students must meet with the following minimum requirements of performance before approval:
  • Note: because of the approval for the Office of Academic Programs, BSBA students seeking a second major may meet a customized specialization with courses from their particular non-KSB major training.

  • Complimentary electives: 24 credit hours.
  • At the least 50 % of company credit hours needed for the BSBA needs to be made at American University.
  • A student might take a maximum of three internship credits in total towards 120 credit graduation requirement for an undergraduate company level.
  • Course Requirements

    Students have the effect of rewarding college and school requirements following a prescribed sequence. The scholastic advisors inside Kogod class's workplace of educational tools must be consulted for counseling and advice when preparing class schedules. However, it could be the student's obligation to consult training course descriptions to identify course requirements as soon as classes might be offered.

    Company Core Courses (36 credit hours)

    AT = analytical device emphasis; provides a stronger basis running a business analytical computer software

    C = instance analysis focus; provides development possibilities for students to gauge situations

    O = dental interaction focus; helps in the growth of oral presentation abilities

    T = teamwork focus; centers around teamwork therefore the need for social relationships and interaction

    W = written interaction focus; develops company writing skills, written projects account fully for an important the main program quality

    Part of specialty

    Kogod pupils pick a place of specialization from approved programs below or design a custom expertise using help and approval of these educational advisor. Specializations are 12 credit hours, except for finance, which calls for 15 credit hours. Students which decide to pursue two specializations must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours (or 15 credit hours for finance) per specialization. With all the approval regarding the Office of Academic tools, BSBA pupils pursuing a moment significant may meet a custom expertise with programs from their particular non-KSB major training.

    Pupils who pick the expertise in Overseas company must demonstrate skills in a second language at advanced level. For options and more information, begin to see the Kogod class's workplace of Academic tools.

    Students whom select the specialization in International company also needs to satisfy a global knowledge requirement. This can be met either through conclusion of an authorized research abroad system, a worldwide internship, or successful conclusion of a comparable American University international immersion course. Exclusions to the necessity might provided on an incident by situation foundation by the Department of International Business. International pupils are exempt from this requirement.

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