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May 13, 2022
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Biz Ed Symposium 2014Pictured above in the 2014 Symposium (left to right): Tom Kochan, Sloan class of Management, MIT ; Claire Preisser IESE company class and Stern class of Business, ny University

Symposium Background and Analysis

The symposium aims to focus on excellent teaching during the company and community interface. This discussion has actually a special focus on the switching marketplace for business education it self and just what these modifications indicate the kinds of training that individuals during the Aspen Institute company & Society Program have celebrated over the years: training that makes sure pupils learn to work with ways that align company tasks with the long-term health of community.

The Aspen company & Society system has actually a 15 12 months reputation for working with leading business schools and excellent professors to call focus on many promising teaching and scholarship on company and culture themes in management generally knowledge. For over 10 years, we published, an extensive assessment of how well MBA programs had been planning students for personal and environmental stewardship.

In 2012 we suspended that ranking to simply take a deeper diving into areas we think become of important importance into future of management knowledge: helping students examine the point ofthe corporation and the interdependence of general public and exclusive passions; solving real world issues; and integrating the perspectives of this liberal arts into business classrooms.

Using 2013 Symposium, we marked the launch of this brand-new phase of our work with company education. We set out to offer an event that will inform and encourage people who went to. We genuinely believe that indeed participants gained both information and motivation. Summing up the wealthy and vibrant conversation at the symposium is difficult, but we've attempted within the pages that follow to offer a glimpse at tips that were exchanged.

2nd Convening

Fulfilling our Highest Aspirations for Capitalism:

In new york on October 16–17, 2014, the Aspen Institute company & community plan hosted a Symposium centered on exceptional training during the business and community software. This conference brought together an impressive roster of corporate, academic and non-profit frontrunners, and identified means for business schools to successfully prepare future frontrunners for challenges of your complex economy, and to lead organizations in manners which help develop an exciting economic climate for all.

This present year's Symposium had a particular focus on sourcing and work practices—leveraging increased consumer interest in “responsible” labor practices and offer stores, and workplace demand for graduates with powerful working abilities.

The Symposium also featured discussion with a little group of company professionals through the Aspen company and Society Leaders Forum and very first Movers Fellowship, and a party of the 2014 Aspen Faculty Pioneer Award Winners & Finalists. This year’s motif the Awards was "the intersection of the general public and exclusive industry in worth creation and problem-solving."

Inaugural Convening

Meeting the Talent Challenge: September, 2013

In new york on September 26-27, 2013, the Aspen Institute Business & community system hosted a symposium focused on excellent training within company and culture interface. This discussion had a special emphasis on the changing market for company knowledge itself and what these modifications mean for forms of training we have celebrated throughout the many years: teaching that makes sure pupils learn how to work with ways that align company tasks using the long-term wellness of society.

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Gerry Rellis, Business Innovation Programme Participant
Gerry Rellis, Business Innovation Programme Participant
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