Online Masters degree Programs in Accounting

October 27, 2022
Online Master of Accountancy

Earn your Masters in Governmental Accounting when, everywhere with on the web convenience

The Initial Masters in Political Accounting that's offered 100percent online, available solely at Rutgers Business Class, is placed #14 within the nation inside 2016 United States News & World Report ranking for “Best On The Web Scholar Business Programs.”

  • 100percent Online – for your convenience
  • No GMAT needed – get started straight away
  • Great price for federal government staff members – in-state tuition for brand new Jersey residents is extended to any or all out-of-state residents signed up for the program.
  • 4-course certificate program also offered – certificate may be applied to Master Degree

1st on line higher level degree program in government accounting, the Masters in political Accounting is an original 30-credit system that may be finished totally on line. Students tell us that they appreciate the flexibility to be in a position to indulge in classes throughout the times that really work best making use of their schedules. On the web classes are supplied by our distinguished professors through eCollege.

This program is designed to prepare professionals seeking to advance into the fast growing industry of government monetary administration, bookkeeping, and auditing. Professionals who may benefit from the system feature:

  • Potential CPAs who require to fulfill an additional 30 credits beyond the baccalaureate level being remain for Uniform CPA evaluation in New Jersey.
  • Practicing CPAs, along with other accountants and auditors working in governmental and not-for-profit businesses.
  • MPA and accounting pupils who want to use the nationally acknowledged Certified national Financial management (CGFM) exam, administered and sponsored by the Association of national Accountants.
  • MBA and MPA system pupils who want to focus on Government Financial Management.
  • Around six credits is moved into the system from another accredited university, with prior endorsement of program director.

Certificate Alternative

As an alternative, by finishing only four on line courses as a non-matriculated student you can make a Graduate Certificate in national Financial control from Rutgers Business School. The classes also will prepare you to definitely remain for the Certified Government Financial management exam sponsored because of the Association of national Accountants. In the event that you later on decide to matriculate, these programs may be used towards 10-course master’s level program.

The four web programs needed for the certification are:

  • Governmental Accounting and Auditing
  • Public Sector Auditing
  • Governmental Budgeting Systems
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More About Online Masters Degree Programs
More About Online Masters Degree Programs
masters degree online
masters degree online
Online Masters Degree Programs Guide
Online Masters Degree Programs Guide
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