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August 27, 2018
Indiana University Kelley
12 Months One Course Subject Credit
Autumn BUEX-C531 Introduction to Company Analytics
C520 Quantitative Evaluation
Winter Season BUEX-C533 Data Warehousing and Visualization
C580 Operations Control
Spring BUEX-C534 Simulation and Optimization for Business Analytics
X521 Company Econometrics
Summertime X522 Predictive Analytics for Company Technique
BUEX-C535 Building Value through BA Programs
Year Two
C565 Thinking Strategically: Game Theory and Company Technique
C570 Strategic Advertising Management

Note: Course schedule and term offerings susceptible to transform.

BUEX-C531 Introduction to Business Analytics (3.00)

  • The program will concentrate on the business analytics process
  • Subjects covered include issue meaning, information preparation, technical analysis and modeling, assessment of results, execution, and implementation
  • Pupils will perform standard analytics jobs with IBM SPSS Statistics, IBM SPSS Modeler, @Risk, and Premium Solver

BUEX-C533 Data Warehousing & Visualization (3.00)

  • This course focuses on realizing the business advantage of using information to aid managerial choices
  • A summary associated with the number of pc software resources that are used in the introduction of data warehouse, including ETL (extraction, transformation and running) and analytics tools
  • Topics covered feature recognition of forms of company risks and methods of relieving the potential risks of applying informational systems
  • This course addresses issues associated with data governance
  • Hands-on exercises include dimensional modeling, MS-Excel, MDW, Tableau, and IBM's ManyEyes

BUEX-C534 Simulation and Optimization for company Analytics (3.00)

Within training course, we develop analytical designs utilizing simulation and optimization to investigate and suggest sound answers to complex company issues. Designs tend to be talked about to fix complex dilemmas utilizing numerous tools on spreadsheets; including succeed solver for linear, integer and genetic development problems, probabilistic simulations, and danger analysis including analytical analysis of simulation models.

BUEX-C535 Developing Value through BA Applications (3.00)
This course will present pupils to the art and research of establishing quantitative models which you can use to make much better decisions. We are going to show just how advanced succeed models may be placed on numerous issues like those you will definitely deal with in your internships and ultimate profession. Besides Excel principles, we shall find out how optimization tools, as part of the company analytic toolkit, are widely used to find tools to obtain the optimal-or almost ideal approaches to constrained optimization issues. We also will think about Monte Carlo simulations that allow us to model uncertainty in succeed designs. Through the entire course we shall explain to you a lot of features of succeed 2013 that'll be useful in your job along with your Kelley courses.

Topics covered consist of:

  • Succeed basics (immediate access, Auditing, Paste specialized, number Names, If, Conditional Formatting, Count, Countifs, Sumifs, generating flat data, text features, Sorting, Tables, Lookups, Data Validation, circular sources, times, time, sensitiveness evaluation using information Tables, Index, Offset, dynamic ranges, Arrays, three-dimensional treatments, Indirection, Pivot Tables, Slicers, Spin Buttons, Check package, Sparklines, Charting) Approximately half associated with training course is devoted to Succeed principles.
  • Optimization (Linear development, Non-linear development, Genetic formulas) Optimization models studied feature staff scheduling, stock, transportation, money budgeting, sports rating, and taking a trip salesperson. One-fourth for the class of the program is specialized in optimization.
  • Monte Carlo Simulation (add randomness to spreadsheets and analyze utilizing information tables or @Risk). Programs feature a classy newsvendor evaluation, projecting stock costs, analyzing capital spending plans, R&D tasks, random strolls, and deciding the odds of random results particularly in games, or sporting events. One-fourth of the class is specialized in simulation.

C565 Thinking Strategically: Game Concept and Company Approach (3.00)
Game Theory has actually usually been an instrument of economists, but its used in administration circumstances is growing rapidly in recent years. This trend will continue. Managerial decisions are not static and cannot be manufactured in separation. Alternatively, a manager must take into account the responses of both competing companies, subordinates, and superiors for this directives and proposals. Game principle is something to use to examine these communications. The program extends the evaluation of online game concept and business method that you started into the Managerial Economics part of the Core. The ultimate aim of the program is enhance your capability to imagine strategically in operation circumstances, without to teach you realities or theories. To make this happen aim, we'll iterate between theory and practice. We will use both formal situation scientific studies and real-world examples to sharpen our strategic reasoning skills.C570 Strategic Marketing Management (3.00)
An introduction into procedure of producing a market-driven business. Certain topics include marketing strategy, marketing research and analysis, and improvement services, rates, circulation and advertising. The course hires lecture, classroom discussion through threaded discussion forums, instance evaluation and area studies.

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