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September 19, 2023
M2M 2.0: M2M Innovation Case

Code: FES2RB008E
Extent: 2 ECTS (54 h)
Timing: Semester 3, 4
Language: English
Amount: expert scientific studies
Kind: Compulsory

Courses: Principles of Travel and Tourism business and Travel Agents and journey Operators ought to be done before this program.

Mastering results
The goal of the program is case study analysis distributed by travel agents and tourism businesses. Students will in-group review significant and existing subject the theory is that plus rehearse. The useful area of the research situation will undoubtedly be done during London World Travel Market-travel fair in November.

Program articles
• Organizing and preparing very own operate in a bunch just in case study procedure
• Surveying the scenario topic offered theoretically plus in practice with analysises
• Written case report with presentation to reprsentatives of travel companies and tourism businesses

Cooperation with all the business community alongside organisations
The course includes international research study and research visit to travel fair in London´s World Travel marketplace.

The program includes international example and study visit to travel fair in London´s World Travel marketplace.

Training and discovering techniques
Class meetings and conferences. A report trip. Presentations. The evaluation of one’s own discovering 1 h.

Recognition of Prior Training, RPL (in Finnish AHOT)
The necessary skills and competences could be shown by an abilities assessment.

Teacher/s with the main duty when it comes to course
Salla Juustila

Program products
Would be given at the start of this course.

Extra reading
Should be given at the start of this course.

The evaluation of one’s very own learning will not affect the class. The assignment is the identical for several courses/modules as well as the answers may also be useful for course/module development. The project is completed web in WinhaOpaali.

Assessment criteria

Level 1
The pupil participates in intercontinental travel fair and finds the knowledge necessary for example. Pupil works individually as well as in a team for case study and participates presentation associated with research study.

Grade 3
The student participates earnestly in international travel fair and actively lookups and finds the details required for example. Student works responsible in a team and takes actively part in presentation of the case study. Pupil has understanding of the worldwide vacation business and brand-new styles globally

Grade 5
The pupil participates actively along with effort in international vacation fair. He or she utilize versatile sources to find the information needed for case study. Student works really responsible in a group and takes extremely definitely component for case study and it also´s presentation. The pupil analyzes the international vacation business and brand-new trends globally

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