Master of Business Administration in Information Technology

March 31, 2015

You’ll pay equivalent low university fees each 6-month term, regardless of how numerous courses you complete. In the event that you accelerate your degree system, you’ll pay less for the level.

Tuition and costs

For this program, a full program load is 8 competency products (credit hours) per term – each course generally speaking presents 3 or 4 competency devices. Because we permit you to finish extra courses at no extra expense, you may well be able to boost the value of your program by dedicating more time towards studies.

  • $3, 250: university fees per 6-Month Term
  • $145: Resource Fee per 6-Month Term
  • $65: One-Time Application Fee

WGU's internet based MBA Information Technology Management is designed to be inexpensive for hard-working adults with bills to pay.

WGU Is Half The Price

WGU is half the expense of various other on line universities. A business degree at a normal university can cost a lot more than $40, 000. A typical two-year master's degree program at WGU is under $15, 000.

Tuition Comparison: Master of Business Administration Information Technology Management level

WGU University of Phoenix
$3, 250 per six thirty days term.
If it will require 2 yrs = $13, 000
51 credit hours x $740 per credit = .
$37, 740

*Note: This chart is for illustration only and reflects the tuition information made general public by various other establishments and WGU standard university fees of $2, 890 per term at the time of February 1, 2015. University fees for MBA and nursing programs is greater at $3, 250 per term. Actual rates will vary according to the number of terms necessary to finish this program. Look at the site for most up to date tuition information.

Compare WGU tuition to tuition at various other schools
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