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May 30, 2019
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The bigger college Certificate (HSC) is the highest award in secondary training in brand new South Wales. To-be entitled to the prize, students must finish Years 11 and 12, satisfy HSC training course demands and remain for statewide HSC exams.

For details about HSC evaluation papers, Marking recommendations, Notes from Marking Centre and other assessment resources see:

Finding your way through the exams

Every year there are several students whose results are never as good while they could be becuase of simple, quickly avoidable factors. Start to see the advice for HSC pupils inside pupils Online Exams area that contains crucial reading and information.

Exam guidelines and treatments

The primary guidelines and requirements for HSC examinations tend to be lay out when you look at the guidelines and processes for Higher class Certificate Candidates booklet, issued to each and every pupil when they start their particular HSC study. Every pupil – by signing their particular Confirmation of Entry kind (PDF) – agrees to adhere to these guidelines. Each year a somewhat few HSC pupils tend to be reported for breaching assessment guidelines.

Assessment, Certification and Examination (ACE) internet site

The provides present, easily accessible information to principals, educators, moms and dads and pupils in regards to the rules and procedures set by the Board of Studies for secondary training in New Southern Wales.

The ACE site supersedes the ACE guide (2005) for many info on policies regarding the Higher School Certificate.

Practical exam certification

Students and their schools must approve to the Board the task in a task, provided work or overall performance is perhaps all unique work (apart from any authorized assistance). To find out more students should visit the Practical exam certification part of pupils on the web. Details for principals and educators about official certification are available in the Memos and Documents section in Schools on line.

Disability conditions

For those who have an impairment that will, in a standard evaluation circumstance, stop you from reading the assessment questions and/or communicating responses the Board may approve impairment conditions. Read more about impairment arrangements.

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