Bachelor Of Accounting La Trobe

September 9, 2022

This program balances a specialist bookkeeping qualification utilizing the research of finance principle and training.

The expert accounting element offers learning in career-specific areas including accounting, auditing, finance, company legislation, general public sector accounting and taxation. Successful completion for the proper subjects fulfils the membership demands for CPA Australian Continent and/or Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA). Pupils enrolled in this course have actually an opportunity to be involved in an accounting work placement.

The finance curriculum is designed to fulfill educational and vocational requirements for a lifetime career into the finance industry.

Admission needs

Entry demands tend to be VCE Units 3 and 4 and research score of at least 25 in English (EAL) and 20 in virtually any various other English and mathematics (any) with research rating of at least 20. People with similar skills will be considered. A limited number of students can also be considered under Special Entry Schemes.

Degree requirements

  • This level was created to be completed within four several years of full-time research, although part-time research can be done. The most time permitted for a student to accomplish this degree is nine years.
  • Pupils must complete the course put down below, comprising 480 credit points (32 subjects).
  • Pupils must finish 240 credit points (16 subjects) from each one of the Bachelor of Accounting plus the Bachelor of Finance levels, including all core topics of every level as well as minimum 90 credit things (6 topics) at a third-year degree from each degree.
  • Students must complete all prerequisite topics ahead of searching for a core or optional topic.
First year
Teaching period Subject title Topic rule
TE-SEM-1 Educational Integrity Module (online)
TE-SEM-1* Company Foundations
Accounting and Finance for Business
Accounting for Control Decisions
Either a FBEL or LTU optional #
TE-SEM-2* Business Economics
Company Analytics
TE-SEM-2 Accounting and Suggestions Techniques

* This is the preferred purchase which these topics should-be taken.

# Unless using a series of two language subjects students are restricted to one LTU elective in very first 12 months.

Note: MGT1AIM is a not-for-credit topic that students have to complete at commencement of these very first semester. The niche is designed to improve the students' knowledge and awareness of dilemmas concerning educational stability.

Second year
Cost Accounting and Decision Making
Introduction to Business Law
Principles of Economics
Introduction to Quantitative Testing
Business Reporting
Law of Company Association
Basics of Finance
Introductory Econometrics
Third year
Management Accounting and Control
Banking and Finance Institutions
FBEL amount a few elective
FBEL amount 3 elective
Advanced Financial Accounting
Finance Law
Corporate Finance
FIN coded degree 3 elective
Fourth year
ACC coded degree 3 elective*
International Financial Control
Auditing and Assurance
ACC coded degree 3 elective
Investment and Portfolio Control

*Taxation (ACC3TAX) is no longer area of the account needs for CPA Australia, although it is necessary for membership of ICAA. Pupils who do not finish the taxation subject included in their degree are admitted to membership of CPA Australia, but are going to be expected to complete studies in taxation as an element of their particular CPA program.

Pro recognition

By completing authorized topics, graduates may satisfy the academic requirements regarding the Financial solutions Institute of Australasia (FINSIA). See Beginner Administration Solutions for details.

Students searching for employment into the finance industry or in a position that needs you to definitely provide advice to retail consumers about monetary preparation or lending options must complete an Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC PS146) compliant span of research.

Effective conclusion for the appropriate chosen topics qualifies graduates for membership of after professional accounting bodies: CPA Australia, ICAA, nationwide Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), and also the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).


Note: Honours in both bookkeeping and finance happen suspended until 2015

The Honours system needs a further 12 months of full time research or 2 yrs part-time study. Honours are done either in bookkeeping or finance, or both with 2 yrs of additional research.

As helpful tips, the entry requirements tend to be effective completion of a bachelor level with a significant in accounting or finance and a B (70 percent) or much better average lead to at the very least six second and 3rd year core topics in bookkeeping or finance (at the least 50 percent at 3rd year amount). Pupils must finish all demands of their undergraduate level before commencing Honours. See solitary course information for Honours program details.

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