Forensic Accounting Masters

October 8, 2019
How do I get a Forensic

In the current reporting environment, forensic accounting firms have been in great demand for their bookkeeping, auditing, legal, and investigative abilities. Forensic bookkeeping skills are becoming vital in untangling the complicated bookkeeping maneuvers that have muddled monetary statements. By assisting organizations avoid and identify fraudulence, the forensic accountant’s part can evolve into a key component in the corporate governance system.

People for this master's program must hold or expect to hold a bachelor's level in bookkeeping before the beginning of classes.

Pupils into the Forensic Accounting program will learn

  • Utilizing the tools to both detect and give a wide berth to possible future deceptive behavior by those establishing and using economic data.
  • What forms of fraudulence are most typical, and use their understanding of unlawful behavior to carry out interviews with staff members of businesses and other men and women active in the feasible fraudulence. Forensic accounting firms additionally help in other appropriate matters, such as bankruptcy or divorce proceedings procedures.
  • Utilizing moral decision-making skills to satisfy the challenges associated with expert and business environment.

Network with Accounting Professionals

The Council on Accountancy is a small grouping of significantly more than 50 accounting and monetary executives who serve as advisors to your Department of Accounting. This team works closely with all the professors associated with the department in offering high quality educational and professional opportunities for students.

Meet Jay Leiner - Super Detective & Forensic Accountant
Meet Jay Leiner - Super Detective & Forensic Accountant
Forensic Accounting at Globe University
Forensic Accounting at Globe University
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