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October 15, 2020
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The goal of our Master in Digital company (MDB) is provide you with all the required resources to accept managerial roles. It's possible to aspire to senior positions within the Digital Business environment. MDB is ideal for experts who wish to enhance the overall performance of business applying the many cutting-edge digitalisation techniques.


"The Master in Digital Business gave me a panoramic sight for the technical business; the sorts of the electronic company designs were the missing pieces to my problem and what led me to understand just why businesses like Apple and Bing behave the way they do. It became the foundation of my company. It provided me with a purpose, an objective and a means of education continually, constantly being up-to-date. It is really gratifying...” Eduardo Archanco, student regarding the MDB Digital Business Analyst. Blogger and writer for El Espectador Digital y Applesfera.

Pupil Profile

The Master in Digital Business is geared towards Diploma and scholar degree those who have a satisfactory educational record. Moreover, the enrichment for the members, it should be required to show approved professional knowledge, ideally in a business administration position. Just About Any merit, whether expert or individual, will be examined because of the ICEMD – ESIC Admissions Commission.

Profile of applicants whom make many admission programs for the Master:

  • Professionals willing to promote their expert administration career with all the realm of e-business.
  • Business administrators whose business model is dependent on offering services through the Internet.
  • Internet marketers that are alert to the significance of the brand new electronic environment with their organization’s business outlines.

The MDB is doubly named:

Educational title:

  • Master in Digital company jointly granted by ESIC Business & advertising class and ICEMD – The Institute associated with the Digital Economy.

Expert subject with European recognition:

  • European Diploma in e – Business given by FEDMA (Federation of European Direct and Interactive advertising).


Given by outstanding expert individuals: this Master in Digital company Management was created, created and given by outstanding experts who are right involved with their provided master topic inside their day-to-day working resides.

Networking is assured. The professional students who take this Master tend to be professionals with similar issues while you: passionate about the electronic environment; along with the need and large motivation to gain the skills they require to take on essential obligations in digital business administration.

Methodology developed to understand thinking, showing and doing: the methodology is eminently useful. Where in fact the teachers-professionals make use of the sessions to make themselves think, talk about, reflect and focus on the main aspects of each session’s content.

The sessions are supported by some revolutionary backup resources: some useful and appropriate resources to obtain and put into training all of the understanding learnt throughout the Master. Like:

  • In the very beginning of the Master you are offered an iPad as your working device. Though this you'll be able going ever before the documentation given out in program, take notes right if you'd like to, straight access the ICEMD-ESIC Virtual class for which you are certain to get access to most of the backup material.
  • Virtual Class Room: a micro-site for the Master team by which you will be able to ask the teachers concerns, access the documents from each program, access documents and technical records for the self-study, video clips, webs, use of the webinar, chat with work groups, etc…
  • Pre-works before each program: before every program the educators will give fully out content so your students can revise it and prepare it once the foundation the attended sessions.
  • Post-works through virtual class room: once the instructor believes it is important he-she will give out exercises or tasks following the program to be able to consolidate everything have actually learnt during the program.
  • Webinars: in each module webinars will undoubtedly be made to support and enhance the attended sessions. The webinar are concerning the module’s many appropriate motifs where another expert shares various other visions, examples and cases in material.
  • During Master you will see company visits where you could see “en vivo” specific processes that'll offer great extra worth.
  • Real business jobs: the master is divided into six modules. In each of the very first five segments the students works in groups to handle a “ Module venture” using the aim of placing what they have learnt during these modules into training. The projects are derived from briefings about real organizations with real difficulties. During each component you will have two “tutorials” where module tutor will be able to work using teams in advancing and building the projects. At the conclusion of each module the teams can have their projects toward professional Tribunal.
  • End of Master Project: within the last and 6th module the students will execute, also in groups, a conclusion of Master venture that may include the fundamental elements of every thing taught within the Master.
  • Test for each module: at the end of each component the students takes a test exam being validate they have learnt satisfactorily.
  • Analysis operate in Blog or Whitepaper structure: each student will independently execute an investigation Work about a style that is of his-her interest and associated with the Master. The study work can be carried out in Whitepaper or Blog format through the ICEMD Blogs system. In case it is your first time making use of Blogs, we'll demonstrate tips do so, share it and acquire the utmost return from it. It is “your” Blog.
  • You're going to be welcomed to an ICEMD and ESIC Master-class: as a Master pupil you're going to be welcomed into Master-class. Expert sessions in which essential professionals share their particular reflections and cases inside the context of this home based business, marketing and digital environment.
  • Joost van Nispen Workshops: a way to create no-cost within the three-master Workshops written by Joost van Nispen, ICEMD-ESIC President, in which he will share his reflections and work on emblematic cases in electronic, relational and interactive marketing and advertising.


  • Comprehending the Digital Ecosystem.
  • The secrets and principles in Technique control in electronic environments.
  • How exactly to determine and optimize the Value Chain in a Digital Environment.
  • The fundamental technologies in an electronic digital environment: Software, digital applications and solutions.
  • Re-engineering of procedure digitalisation.
  • Appropriate areas of digital companies.
  • Digital Project Control.
  • Design and development of an electronic Marketing Plan .
  • Revenue Analysis (ROI) of an electronic marketing campaign.
  • Strategies for producing leads, qualification and conversion.
  • Loyalty Techniques, Engagement & Empowerment .
  • Online marketing and usability.
  • Seo (SEO): Simple tips to optimise the positioning of your internet browsing machines in an all-natural way.
  • Social Media Strategy: the integration regarding the primary social networks in to the business strategies and goals.
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