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August 31, 2022
For Credit Rating European

There are many reasons to become an accredited ECBE user. For institutions it indicates that courses and programmes approved meet up with the needs of this EHEA (European advanced schooling location) as put down inside Bologna Declaration. This facilitates and encourages collaboration and combined analysis plus faculty and student exchange, that may attract more and better students applying for entry. In addition it provides encouragement to constantly enhance and refine the data and skills associated with the professors to hold your organization globally competitive.

A good advantage for learners is they discover their credits tend to be transferable across different schools, programs and nations, making them more mobile which gives all of them better life experience.

For companies, the incentives of developing a programme this is certainly granted accreditation status are manifold: accredited programmes can mean the organization obtains worldwide recognition and pulls much better prospective workers; by assisting these students acquire important abilities through real-life knowledge they are likely to be much more motivated and effective which might result in improved price effectiveness and staff retention.

Exactly what our users say:

This season, Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio, United States Of America received ECBE accreditation for its EMBA program in Bucharest, Romania. This accreditation for an United states college running in European countries has proven to be our major possessions and "attempting to sell things" to prospective pupils in Romania. Last year, we enrolled our largest cohort previously. We understand this was because of in no tiny measure to the ECBE association. We continue to encourage other U.S. universities with international sites to be ECBE accredited. It really is a win-win circumstance for institution and pupils!

Dr. Laura Mays
Chair, Romanian Business Programs/Professor Emeritis of Control
Tiffin University

“The re-accreditation process has its own positive effects from the Faculty. It gives us to be able to review our programs, the training methods plus the outcomes. It helps united states to see our weaknesses and provides us with recommendations and suggestions to enhance. We constantly strive to improve ourselves.”

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