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March 17, 2022
And providing education

This is an open-letter compiled by Larry Lee after he sat through a gathering of Alabama House tactics & Means Education Committee last week during a hearing on HB541, a bill known as the “Education Alternatives Act of 2012.”

Lee, of Montgomery, is the former government manager of Covington County financial Development Commission and also the West Central Partnership of Alabama. He writes often about education.

HB541 is supposed to:

* Allow neighborhood college systems having even more mobility by stepping into an agreement using the Alabama Department of knowledge which allows freedom from state regulations, including condition Board of Education rules, laws, and policies, in return for academic and various objectives.

* Authorize the institution of general public charter schools in condition, which current features none.

This might be Lee’s open-letter:


As I sat in hearing space during the statehouse last Wednesday hearing the conversation about charter schools, a lot of thoughts went through my brain. However the over-riding one was “once once again, we can’t look at forest for the trees.”

Here ended up being all firepower we could muster, from the company Council of Alabama into the Birmingham Business Alliance to your superintendents association toward school board organization, and undoubtedly, the AEA [Alabama knowledge Association].

All had been well-intentioned and believed highly in their cause. But we held wondering why, seeing most of the high-poverty schools that we go to and conversing with all of the principals and instructors I keep in touch with, the main topic of charter schools NEVER comes up.

And I also won't ever forget Jackie Ergle, key at Phil Campbell elementary that has been hit by a tornado last April, telling myself one day, “There is no delight in education today, for either students or instructors.”

I wondered what number of of the speaking for or against this legislation have heard the exact same conversations i've? What amount of of those have actually invested a-day in a high-poverty class as I did final spring? What number of of them have raised cash to put a shower in an inner-city college in order for young ones coming from homes without any running liquid could bathe?

How many of 10 Republican and five Democrat people in this committee choose to go to the effort to know the context that today’s schools and educators must handle every day?

Or do they simply see this as one even more struggle in Montgomery that is a lot more about us vs. all of them than exactly what do we do in order to improve knowledge through the state?

Honestly, I think this fight features far more related to political power than academic plan.

If it wasn’t, why wasn’t the state superintendent of education, Dr. Tommy Bice, who was simply current, asked to comment? Exactly why are lawmakers thinking about legislation which could possibly affect every college system in Alabama however want to hear through the state’s # 1 knowledge authoritative?

The Speaker of your home states the status quo will not be a choice. I really could maybe not agree more.

But here is the $64 thousand question: What is the status quo?

Is-it the truth that Alabama’s K-12 knowledge spending plan went down every year since FY 2007-08 and will also be about $2.6 BILLION less into the coming financial 12 months than in 2007-08?

Could it be the reality that you must go completely back once again to FY 1998-99 to get another education spending plan as small as usually the one the legislature will pass this current year?

Is it the truth that No kid put aside, what the law states recommended by president George W. Bush immediately after he took workplace then passed in 2001 by Congress with a 90 per cent favorable vote, set us down an impossible path to the land of Lake Wobegon in which every child should be “above average?”

This legislation was grounded in Tx in which statewide reforms and increased standardized evaluation led to the alleged “Texas Miracle” while Bush was governor.

But as research reports have since shown, just what happened in Tx had been much more a “mirage” than “miracle.” In reality, the top of Rice University’s Center for Education stated extremely promoted test outcomes had been comparable to just what Enron performed once they overstated earnings.

Educators have actually assailed NCLB claiming that it's leading to narrowing of curriculums as schools are judged almost totally on what well students perform on multiple-choice reading and mathematics tests. It's estimated that since 2007, practically 71 percent of schools have reduced training for subjects like record, arts, language and songs.

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