HSC Business Studies Case Studies

February 23, 2019
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Business class: a comprehensive understanding of company language and relevant instance researches is vital to exam success.Video begins in 5 moments.

HSC: Business Studies

Kate Dally, Head Teacher of Social Sciences at Birrong babes twelfth grade shows how-to handle an HSC company Studies question.

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To succeed in the Business Studies exam, pupils should supply themselves with a good array of existing company case scientific studies to reference, get across company terms and work out sure they know the "learn to" and "learn about" statements in syllabus, recommends Andrew Athavle, mind teacher of Human Society and its own Environment at William Carey Christian School at Prestons in Sydney's south-west.

Athavle claims students will find case researches individually by investigating organizations online and in media, asking family about organizations they are taking part in or thinking about their very own workplace, whether they have a part-time task.

He additionally states pupils want to cite an instance research per subject part of the syllabus and understand a few others, "which may fill the spaces in places where their particular major research study doesn't very fit, " Athavle states.

Company class: an intensive familiarity with company language and relevant instance researches is key to exam success. Picture: Tamara Voninski

With understanding business terms and practising utilizing all of them, students must be able to understand monetary statements such as balance sheets and calculate economic ratios for a variety of company instances.

It is also essential that students address directive terms, particularly "evaluate" or "analyse", says Athavle.

Students and instructors sometimes neglect "learn to" statements that look before "learn about" statements inside syllabus.

Review extensively in regards to the world of business: Jayden O'Brien. Photo: Fiona Morris

"A lot of the textbooks never really relate to those 'learn to' statements but a question in the HSC may be attracted from their store, " Athavle claims.

"pupils have to practise writing answers to those 'learn to' statements."

When practising past exam documents, students should make sure they usually have plumped for reports highly relevant to the present Business scientific studies syllabus, that has been introduced this year. If utilizing older papers, Athavle suggests students to explain using their teachers in the event that questions are proper.


Jayden O'Brien knows what assisted him win beginning inside state, for business researches a year ago.

browse widely concerning the business world: Jayden O'Brien."i looked over different articles on which is going on in the wide world of company and it also actually assisted me personally apply the theory that I was discovering in course, " the previous Penrith twelfth grade student states. "Whenever we were discovering reasons for having human resources, like, we looked for stories that involved office conflicts or things that were taking place that time."

An easy understanding of different cases implies "you have constantly got something readily available to utilize" during the exam, states O'Brien, who's now studying a combined bachelor of science and arts degree on University of Sydney, with a view to stepping into clinical psychology or neuroscience study.

When preparing for his business researches exam a year ago, O'Brien ready his own summary records.

"i understand it really is types of done to demise [but] write everything in your words, " he states. He says composing yours summary records rather than just copying the wording regarding the textbook helps to cement the important points within memory.

Test question - company Studies Section IV - (20 scars)

Attempt EITHER concern

Question 27: Assess methods that administration could use to answer impacts on operations.


Question 28: Assess strategies that management may use to react to key influences on hr.



1. Use the level of solution area in part II as helpful tips to exactly how much to write. Extra isn't constantly better.

2. Review all choices before selecting your answer in multiple choice section. Choose the wrong responses, plus the correct one.

3. Remember that proportion formulae are actually offered. It is necessary you are aware simple tips to understand economic information, not only to determine the ratios.


1. Never feature unimportant information.

2. Don't forget to reference your case study whenever answering questions in Section IV.

3. Avoid using strategies/influences which are irrelevant to the concern.


Company Studies

Area I - Objective-response concerns (20 marks)

Area II - Short-answer questions (40 marks)

Part III - Solution one extended-response question by means of a company report (20 marks)

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