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December 15, 2018
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Emma McLean

MEng Computer Science

Business Analyst Intern
J.P. Morgan, European Technology Centre Glasgow, 2010

I interned as a company Analyst in the resource Management location, in the I am EMEA customer Servicing group. The focus of the staff is from the inflows towards strategic data warehouse therefore the reports created from the data within it; increasing procedures and correcting flaws.

Selecting J.P. Morgan

I became initially drawn to JPMorgan since the University jobs provider spoke extremely of this possibilities available. I wanted to achieve in so far as I could from a 12-week internship. JPMorgan is much more dedicated to trying to put you for which you belong unlike squashing you into any available orifice. The etcetera is also a separate pocket of experienced and technologists that i needed to understand from.

Describe your connection with working at J.P. Morgan

I never been too excited about establishing programs from start to finish, but i will be enthusiastic about after a software through the process. The business enterprise Analyst part suited me very well when I surely got to communicate with multiple people, while however not being entirely isolated through the technical part. You must have a great knowledge of what's going on to be able to compose test scripts for it correctly!

My work would be to enhance and report requirements that might be effortlessly understood by the developer and writing test programs to validate your needs was indeed met. I was able to feel the role completely through completion of two deliverables:

• Release of 5 flaws fixes to reside methods
• collection of a Project needs report.

This involved group meetings and discussions with business users, run and designers to discover just what could possibly be done and exactly what validation inspections would be essential. I became amazed that I would personally be "let loose" on company people and given duty to research certain requirements myself. It however ended up being an incredible experience and a great way to discover.

Exactly what did you take pleasure in the many about your placement?

The people we caused. The teams had been great. I expected all of the strive to be very hard-hitting "heads down no one talk" however the environment ended up being way more interactive with durations of downtime when people would gather collectively and chat, revealing tips. This was combined with the graduate team who arranged key personal occasions. They cared that their activities were enjoyable, which encouraged attendance and promoted networking. It had been an enjoyable internship total and I learned a whole lot! The only issue I had to conquer had been the early early morning travel.


Don't assume technology roles are simply about coding for 8 hours every single day. The variety in the functions is vast while get to liaise with different different sets of men and women. Internships are a good option to get an insight into a business, but you must use as early as you'll to really have the most useful chance.

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