Business Research Case Studies

September 13, 2022
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University of Auckland Company Class Case Centre

What are business case researches?

Summaries of real-life business circumstances or fictitious records of a small business circumstance or dilemma. The links on this guide relate solely to both types of business instances.

Case studies make it possible for students to analyse company problems from a number of perspectives and apply analysis and issue resolving abilities.

Business instance scientific studies can show company theory studied in class and show the effective use of principle.

Note: Harvard Business instance studies are not offered to libraries and that can only be bought via the Harvard company Publishing site.

Examining and composing case studies - internet backlinks

Collections of situation researches

New Zealand


Company case study journals

Links tend to be to journal the websites or access through the Library catalogue. Accessibility library journals needs Netaccount sign in.

Finding New Zealand business example sources

In New Zealand business databases

The Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre and Newztext databases are helpful for finding New Zealand organizations situations and mini instance scientific studies. Research into the paper or magazine industries by-name of company to recover news products and articles on brand new Zealand organizations.

In the University of Auckland Library

Used in the Library catalogue. Look for situation researches as a phrase, match extra keywords in the second search field such as for example control, New Zealand an such like.

Make use of these topic headings to locate case study materials inside Library catalogue. These terms given just below can be utilized utilizing an enhanced search of library catalogue using the drop down menus and choosing 'in topic'.

  • Electronic trade situation researches
  • Entrepreneurship New Zealand situation scientific studies
  • Business ethics instance researches
  • Corporation case scientific studies
  • Company logistics brand new Zealand instance researches
  • Business networks brand new Zealand instance scientific studies
  • Electronic business New Zealand instance researches
  • Industrial management instance researches
  • Global business enterprises Management Case studies.
  • Administration Case studies
  • Control New Zealand Case studies
  • Organizational effectiveness Situation studies

Chosen games on brand new Zealand case scientific studies held within the Library

Bartol, T., Tein, M., Matthews M. & Martin, D. (2011) Management: A Pacific Rim Focus (6th ed.) North Ryde: McGraw Hill.
Batley, T. (2002) Business Case Studies in Operations Control. Auckland: Prentice Hall.
Dunn, W. & Hunter, I. (2008) Managing in a worldwide framework : brand new Zealand case series, a McGraw-Hill Personalized publication prepared for the University of Auckland company Case Centre .North Ryde, NSW : McGraw-Hill Australia.
Enderwick, P. & Akoorie, M. (1996) Fast forward : New Zealand business in globe markets Auckland, N.Z. : Longman Paul.
Frederick, H., Kuratko D. & Hodgetts, R. (2010) Entrepreneurship. Theory, process & practice. (second ed). Asia-Pacific Edition Melbourne:Thomson.
Hooper, V. (2007) New Zealand situation studies in information systems Auckland, N.Z. : Pearson Knowledge Brand New Zealand.
Inkson, K. & Kolb, D. (2002) administration: perspectives for brand new Zealand.(3rd ed)Auckland, N.Z. : Pearson Education.
Millar, S. & Theunissen, C. (2008) handling organisations in New Zealand (3rd ed).North Shore, N.Z. : Pearson Knowledge.
Mulholland, M. (using the help of Te Au Rangahau) (2006) He wairere pakihi : Māori company situation scientific studies. Palmerston North, N.Z. : Massey University, University of Company Studies.
Webpage, D. J. & Zorn, T.E. (2007) Management communication : brand new Zealand and Australian situation studies Auckland, N.Z. : Pearson Prentice Hall
Smyth, N., Norman L. & Ikin, M. (2008) caring for company : indigenous business case researches : sharing our eyesight, identifying our future, affecting our society. Te Kuiti, N.Z. : Aotahi, 2008.
Wilson, M.(Ed.) (2005) Case in point : best situations from 2005 Overseas meeting on research study Teaching and discovering Auckland, N.Z. : GSE Publications, 2005.
Winsley, P. Gilbertson, D. & Couchman, P. (2001) handling innovation in New Zealand : situation studies. Volumes We, II & III. Palmerston North, N.Z. : Dunmore Press.

Finding worldwide situation researches into the Library company databases

  • Many business databases permit you combine "case study" or "instance scientific studies" as a subject term with other subject terms and keywords
  • You'll usually restrict your leads to educational or scholarly material

Harvard Business Assessment case scientific studies running a business supply Premier

The Harvard Business Evaluation publishes an instance research (usually imaginary) in each problem. These can be situated in Business Source Premier database by incorporating Harvard Business Review into the Publication Name industry with instance scientific studies inside topic Terms area

Or enter Harvard company Assessment within the Publication Name industry and scroll down to the Document kind field and select Case Study:

  • Abstracts tend to be available from these selections, but most require repayment for complete text of each and every case
  • There are brand new Zealand instances during these selections
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Paper Masters - Business Case Studies
Paper Masters - Business Case Studies
Research Designs: Quasi-Experimental, Case Studies
Research Designs: Quasi-Experimental, Case Studies ...
Super Zeroz Research Ethics Case Studies
Super Zeroz Research Ethics Case Studies
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