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December 25, 2018
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These course results tend to be aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework level 9, the Bologna Cycle 2 and Monash Graduate AttributesAustralian Qualifications Framework amount 9, the Bologna pattern 2 and Monash Graduate qualities.

Upon effective conclusion of the program it really is anticipated that graduates will:

  1. be important and imaginative scholars which:
  • create innovative methods to issues
  • apply analysis abilities to business challenges
  • communicate effectively and perceptively
  • be accountable and efficient worldwide people which:
  • take part in an internationalised world
  • display cross social competence
  • demonstrate honest values
  • have an extensive knowledge of their control and then offer control based solutions relevant to business, expert and general public plan communities we offer
  • have higher level understanding to perfect's amount in economics for business.

Credit for previous researches

Students is eligible for credit to a maximum of 50 % of course needs for past graduate amount researches. Credits or exemptions around a maximum of 24 credit things can be issued for bachelor degree amount skills in economics and a further 24 credit points might be issued for honours degree amount certification in economics.


The course features three primary elements:

  • four foundation products
  • seven compulsory products
  • five elective devices.

Students total among following structures as based on any credit awarded for prior researches. Students who possess completed an:

  • undergraduate degree with an important in business economics must complete 72 points from sections (b.) and (c.)
  • undergraduate level without an important in business economics must complete 96 points from all areas below
  • honours level with a major in business economics must finish 54 points comprising part (b.) and 12 things from (c.)
  • honours degree not in another control must finish 78 points comprising products from (a.), (b.) and 12 points from (c.).


Pupils must finish:

(a.) four compulsory basis products (24 things):

  • one quantitative product recommended/approved because of the program manager

(b) seven compulsory units (42 things):

  • one quantitative device approved because of the training course coordinator

(c.) 30 points of electives susceptible to these problems - at the most 24 things can be chosen from:

  • other departments associated with the Faculty of Business and Economics
  • other characteristics.

Graduate-level devices and electives may be identified using the browse products toolbrowse products device and list of units made available from the facultyoffered because of the faculty in the current edition for the Handbook. The level of the system is indicated by the first number within the device signal; postgraduate units are those that commence with all the # 5. pupils must be in a position to fulfill any unit prerequisites.

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